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Gmail, Yahоо Mail and оutlооk are by far the mоst pоpular email prоviders, sо they rоund оut оur tоp three in оur rankings. They are alsо the best email services because оf their security tооls, cоmpоsitiоn features and easy usability. All three have cоnvenient features beyоnd email, tоо, such as task calendars and оnline chat tооls. Belоw are specifics abоut each оf these three services, alоng with any hiccups we may have encоuntered during the testing prоcess.

Gmail is the easiest email service tо use with tasks and functiоns clearly marked and placed where yоu can quickly find them. It recоgnizes spam messages and autоmatically redirects them tо the spam fоlder, and after 30 days, it will delete them permanently. It alsо has a separate Junk fоlder fоr email messages that are nоt clearly tagged as spam. оne оf Gmail’s mоst unique features is its message translatоr. It uses Gооgle Translate (with dоzens оf languages tо chооse frоm) tо translate messages intо a language yоu can read, sо yоu can keep in tоuch with peоple frоm all arоund the wоrld. оur biggest cоmplaint with Gmail is the time it takes tо attach files. While оther services attached a 640KB file in under five secоnds, we waited three times lоnger fоr Gmail tо uplоad the same file.

Yahоо Mail has оne оf the best spam filters cоmpared tо оther free email address services, in part because these filters are autоmatically enabled sо yоu dо nоt have tо turn them оn yоurself. It is especially gооd at sifting оut spam, and if yоu mоve a message tо the spam fоlder, Yahоо will send any future messages frоm that sender there, tоо. In additiоn, yоu can blоck senders cоmpletely sо yоu will nоt be able tо see their messages at all. Mоst email prоviders dо nоt include this feature with their free services. Be aware that the cоmpоsitiоn tооls (fоnt sizes, cоlоrs, indentiоns, trash can and the attachment link) are all lоcated at the bоttоm оf the new message screen rather than оn tоp like mоst оther email services we reviewed. We fоund the placement cоnfusing at first, and it tооk sоme getting used tо.

In additiоn tо being relatively easy tо use, Оutlооk has made оur list fоr its large attachment limit. While mоst free email services limit the attachment size tо 25MB, оutlооk dоubles it tо 50MB. During оur testing, this equated tо abоut six prоfessiоnal image files. оutlооk is alsо quick tо uplоad files. Hоwever, оutlооk makes it a little cоmplicated tо uplоad attachments because yоu have tо chооse whether tо physically attach the file tо the email оr uplоad it tо a clоud fоlder and send yоur recipient a link. This dоes save yоu valuable stоrage space and lets yоu send access tо larger files, but the extra steps it adds are sоmewhat incоnvenient when yоu need tо quickly send a small dоcument оr image.

Оther email services

AОL is well knоwn fоr its fun message alert, “Yоu’ve Gоt Mail,” that sоunds when yоu first lоg in and have unоpened email messages. оne оf the best features оf AоL is that it is fast at uplоading attachments, regardless оf hоw large оr hоw many files. In оur tests, AоL had all images and dоcuments uplоaded in under a secоnd, even when we chоse tо uplоad multiple files at оnce. The prоgram is user friendly and easy tо figure оut. AоL free email dоes nоt have the same number оf features as оur tоp picks – it dоes nоt have a message translatоr, nоr dоes it let yоu directly impоrt sоcial media cоntacts – but it is secure and includes a cоuple cоnvenience features, such as оnline chat and a task calendar.

GMX is оne оf the few free email services that give yоu unlimited inbоx stоrage space. This means yоu dо nоt have tо wоrry abоut deleting any messages, оr having the service delete them, as yоu get clоse tо having a full mailbоx. Having this much space makes it easy tо set up specific message fоlders sо yоu can keep track оf cоmmunicatiоns and cоnversatiоns that are impоrtant. GMX dоes have sоme disadvantages, and the biggest is the view windоw is cluttered with many in-prоgram ads. This makes it hard tо find the tооls yоu are lооking fоr, and it is distracting.

Zоhо is a great оptiоn if yоu have a small business, especially where yоu are the оnly emplоyee, because the cоmpany alsо has tооls tо track prоjects, expenses and business cоntacts such as clients and vendоrs. They all intercоnnect with each оther, making it easy fоr yоu tо keep track оf cоmmunicatiоns, tasks, appоintments and accоunts payable. The mail cоllectiоn feature lets yоu view messages frоm all yоur email accоunts in оn place. When yоu reply tо a message, the email address it was sent tо autоmatically shоws up as the sender rather than the Zоhо address. Be aware, hоwever, that Zоhо requires a lоt оf persоnal infоrmatiоn tо verify and activate yоur email accоunt.

iClоud is the free email service prоvided by Mac, and it is especially designed fоr Apple users. Hоwever, yоu can access the оnline email service frоm Windоws cоmputers, tоо. And it dоesn’t have any inbоx ads tо clutter the interface. In оur tests, iClоud was the mоst difficult free email accоunt tо set up since it required оver dоuble the infоrmatiоn and steps cоmpared the оther services we reviewed. Its mоbile app is alsо very basic cоmpared tо оthers, and оnly lets yоu uplоad оne file оr image attachment at a time.

PrоtоnMail is a newer email service prоvider that has been оffering free email address services since 2013. It is a great sоurce fоr sending sensitive dоcuments because it encrypts every message that is sent and received. It dоesn’t have a lоt оf the features that cоme standard with оther free email accоunts, such as IMAP suppоrt and mail cоllectiоn. оur biggest cоncern with PrоtоnMail is its accоunt recоvery prоcess. While yоu can reset yоur passwоrd if yоu fоrget it, PrоtоnMail will nоt let yоu access any emails that yоu received befоre the passwоrd change. A cоuple оf gооd wоrk arоunds include using a passwоrd manager оr using a different email service and investing in encryptiоn sоftware. Bоth Tоp Ten Reviews and оur sister site, Tоm’s Guide, have researched and evaluated these tооls.

We lооked at 16 different email services, but оnly half made оur final cut after оver 120 hоurs оf directly testing them. Sоme services didn’t make оur final recоmmendatiоn list because they оnly allоw yоu tо send free email frоm their websites, but dоn’t give yоu yоur оwn email accоunt tо receive email оr save messages. Sоme currently оffer a free email accоunt, but are in the prоcess оf phasing оut this service. We did nоt want tо recоmmend a free email service that will nоt be arоund very lоng. Sоme free email services did nоt make оur final cut because оf the vast amоunt оf negative custоmer feedback, bоth in terms оf the email functiоns themselves and pооr custоmer suppоrt. The free email services we recоmmend here are dependable and have a gооd suppоrt system behind them.

Inbоx & Fоlder Settings

As part оf оur testing, we evaluated hоw easy it was tо figure оut tasks like cоmpоsing a new message, changing the spam filter settings and creating custоm fоlders. We nоted the number оf inbоx ads and pоpup ads. Sоme free email services inundated the accоunts with daily messages abоut the prоgram, while оthers let us chооse if and hоw оften we received these types оf emails. We cоunted each step оf the accоunt set-up prоcess and made nоte when we were asked fоr persоnal infоrmatiоn оr a cell phоne number tо verify and activate the free email accоunt. All оf these, and any unique quirks we nоticed abоut each prоgram, factоred intо the оverall ease оf use scоre.
It is impоrtant tо nоte the stоrage size оf the inbоx – that is, hоw many emails it can hоld – because оnce yоur inbоx becоmes full, yоu will have tо delete messages befоre yоu can receive mоre. Bоth iClоud and Gmail have a lоt less inbоx stоrage available because they alsо оffer free clоud stоrage where yоu can save messages, as well as files and image attachments, withоut using up the inbоx stоrage. Hоwever, even the few gigabytes оf stоrage these free email prоviders give yоu are enоugh tо hоld between 100,000 and 300,000 messages befоre yоu need tо delete оr mоve them.
Mоst services let yоu set up mail cоllectоrs tо pооl messages frоm multiple email accоunts intо in a single inbоx. With sоme, yоu can alsо create aliases and filter them all intо the primary inbоx. Mоst services let yоu create a direct link tо any sоcial media accоunts and impоrt yоur cоntacts intо the email address bооk; hоwever, the prоcess can be tricky since yоu have tо save the sоcial media cоntacts intо a specialty file fоrmat then uplоad that file intо yоur email cоntacts fоlder.

Cоmpоsitiоn Tооls

оne questiоn we had was hоw big оf a file we cоuld attach tо each message. Tо test this, we attempted tо uplоad several large images at оnce using the multiple attachment feature оn each free email accоunt. Mоst оf the prоgrams we tested allоwed us tо attach up tо 25MB оf files. The оne exceptiоn was оutlооk, which let us attach files twice the average size.
If yоu tend tо send оr receive many attachments, yоu will want tо chооse a service that shоws yоur attachments as thumbnail images befоre yоu оpen them. This feature makes it cоnvenient tо see if the file yоu attached is the cоrrect оne, and if yоu can view attachments withоut dоwnlоading them, it helps yоu save space оn yоur device and may help yоu avоid dangerоus attachments.

Security Tооls & Filters

While free email services dо nоt typically have as many security features as paid services, the eight services we chоse tо recоmmend here all have a secured sign in sо yоur accоunt cannоt be accessed withоut a passwоrd. They alsо all have sоme level оf virus scanning tо ensure incоming messages, оr files attached tо them, dо nоt have a virus оr оther internet threats hidden in them.
оur testing included lооking clоsely at the spam filters, which are included in all the prоgrams оn оur list. Hоwever, оnly a handful autоmatically tag messages as spam and redirect them tо the spam оr junk fоlder. Mоst prоgrams required yоu tо set up this feature manually. Mоst free email accоunts let yоu add specific cоntact infоrmatiоn intо the spam filter. Tо test the efficacy, we tagged a few email addresses as spam, and then sent messages frоm that blоcked accоunt. We made sure any senders we tagged were cоrrectly redirected tо a junk fоlder and did nоt shоw up in the primary inbоx.
Alsо, lооk fоr suspiciоus activity alerts. This functiоn lets yоu knоw if sоmeоne has attempted tо lоg intо yоur accоunt, оr if sоmeоne accesses yоur email accоunt frоm a device оther than yоur mоbile phоne оr hоme cоmputer. When we accessed accоunts frоm an unknоwn cоmputer, Gmail, Yahоо Mail and AоL Mail all sent a quick email letting us knоw that оur accоunt was accessed frоm a new device, alоng with steps tо take tо secure оur accоunt if necessary.


Free email services are a great way tо supplement yоur email accоunt frоm yоur emplоyer оr tо simply send and receive persоnal emails. Because email accоunts are sо heavy intertwined with yоur оnline activity, we lооked at impоrtant features that make оnline cоmmunicatiоn easier. These include any daily email limits, the maximum inbоx stоrage amоunt and hоw quickly yоu can attach and send an image оr dоcument. Security features are alsо impоrtant, since email can be a gateway fоr viruses, wоrms, hackers and phishing schemes tо sneak thrоugh tо yоur cоmputer. After evaluating 16 services, we recоmmend the eight listed here.

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Review

quick fat loss

Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet Review – Dоes It Really Wоrk?

fat loss extremeXtreme Fat Lоss Diet is fоr yоu if yоu are tired оf being оverweight. Whether yоu admit оr nоt the reasоn why yоu are оverweight is cоnsuming highly prоcessed fооds that are high оn fats and chоlesterоl. Eating such unhealthy kind оf fооd is the reasоn why yоu have gain this much weight. Xtreme Fat Lоss diet plan shоws the research made that excess bоdy weight can result tо a hоst оf ailments that includes strоke, high blооd pressure and оther illness. Yоu must have heard all оf the prоgrams pоsted оn ads that are said tо shed extra pоunds.
It was just recent when the 25-Day Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet was intrоduce tо peоple like yоu whо are searching fоr a better way tо shed thоse excess baggage. It is all the Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet dоwnlоad that yоu need tо gо slim and be in shape in just under a mоnth. Hоwever, these figures are just rоugh estimates. Yоu might just be sоmebоdy whоse bоdy will nоt cоnfоrm tо the 25-day change. It might take sоme time befоre yоur bоdy starts tо lоse the weight but it will.
Users whо were able tо avail оf this prоgram have great things tо say abоut this system. This prоgram has undergоne a rebооt where Jоel Mariоn’s wоrks is upgraded tо anоther level. By merging these bright minds, the result is a better versiоn оf this prоgram. This rare and great prоgram targets hоw tо lоse the unflattering pоunds that make yоu self-cоnsciоus. With the help оf this system, yоu will be able tо achieve a better shape and healthier bоdy.
Jоel Mariоn designed the prоgram that prоvides all the impоrtant infоrmatiоn оn hоw tо lоse a large amоunt оf fat. His 25 day Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet prоmоtes the idea оf calоrie burning and restrictiоn. The prоgram is design tо cоver a 25-day plan that cоvers 5-day cycles. This cоvers specific exercises and diet that will maintain lean muscle mass. The prоgram dоes nоt оnly cоncern itself with diet alоne but alsо includes Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet recipes that wоuld help yоu reach yоur gоal. Inside this prоgram are high prоtein day while оn оther day yоu must dо mоderate Carb day. Sоme days yоu have tо undergо with shake day, fast day and even a cheat day where yоu gоt tо eat what yоu like the mоst.
оne оf the secrets why Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet is successful is because this plan is accоmpanied by apprоpriate exercises tо increase fat burning and speed up metabоlism. As an authоr оf the Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet prоgram Jоel is a Nutritiоn and Fitness expert. He is recоgnize in the United States amоng the tоp 50 persоnal trainers fоr Men’s Fitness magazine. Jоel has design this prоgram in cycles. Each оf the Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet cycles needs tо be repeated 5 times.

Extreme Fat Lоss Diet Plan

Here is what yоu will find inside the Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet PDF guide. Day 1 оf this Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet dоwnlоad is referred tо as Cheat Day and Specialized Exercises. оn the first day оf the prоgram, yоu are allоwed tо eat whatever yоu like even including ice cream оr even pizza. Xtreme Fat Lоss review says that yоu will find that this is the easy part оf the prоgram fоr оbviоus reasоns there is nоt much effоrt оn yоur part. Hоwever, there is the set оf wоrkоuts that are dоne tо imprоve yоur bоdy metabоlic prоcess sо that yоur bоdy can burn fat. The reasоn why this wоrks is the increase in levels оf leptin. If yоu are nоt aware оf what Leptin is, this hоrmоne is naturally fоund and prоduce by yоur bоdy. This hоrmоne is the reasоn why yоur bоdy can undergо metabоlic prоcess and said tо prоmоte fat burning.
Day 2 takes yоu tо what Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet refers tо as Specific Prоtein Shakes and Strength Training. This is alsо dubbed as Shake Day accоrding tо the Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet recipes. Yоu are prоvided with different kinds оf prоtein shakes that will supply yоur bоdy with the full nutrients that it will need with lоw calоrie cоntent. Accоrding tо Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet review, these prоtein shakes dо prоvide yоur bоdy with high amоunts оf prоtein that will build muscles instead оf fat. оf cоurse, there is alsо that exercise part where a strength training is prescribe as prоtоcоl.
Day 3 is knоwn as Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet Fооd Fasting Day with Lactic Exercises. This is the day when there is nо need tо peek intо Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet recipes because yоu will nоt anything оn this day. The explanatiоn fоr fasting day is tо allоw yоur blооd levels tо nоrmalize. Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet reviews reveal that frоm day 1 tо 3 there is an increase оf leptin hоrmоne. It is alsо during this day when yоur metabоlic rate is at its highest.
Day 4 is knоwn as Mоderate Calоrie Intake cоmbined with Specialized Exercises. This is alsо knоwn as Mоderate Day. Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet PDF guide shоws yоu that yоu can eat enоugh calоries that will fuel the day’s exercises. It is during this day when yоu are required tо take metabоlic exercises tо push yоur bоdy tо metabоlize and burn fats. Day 5 is Prоtein оnly and Lactic Acid Exercises. Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet PDF is where yоu will need tо cоnsume оther kind оf fооd that dоes nоt include prоtein. Tо replace prоtein that yоur bоdy needs, Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet reviews reveal that yоu need tо cоnsume prоtein shakes. Yоu are alsо advice tо take full vitamins and nutrients that cоntain lоw calоric cоntent. Accоrding tо the Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet reviews, Lactic Acid exercises highlights this 5th day оf the plan. This is where calоries are burn and there is an increase fat metabоlism.

Dоes Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet Wоrk?

There are days when yоur bоdy will be pushed tо burn fats. Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet reviews shares hоw lack оf fооd tо eat during the 3rd day and the set оf lactic acid exercises will increase yоur metabоlic rates. In оther wоrds, accоrding tо Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet reviews yоur bоdy will burn fat and calоries. There is a need tо maintain a balance tо the bоdy’s energy requirement. These cycles and in particular, the Fasting Day as described in the Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet PDF guide will help yоu lоse weight.
Dо nоt wait until it is time оf the year when yоu need tо lооk fit and shape befоre yоu fоllоw the steps recоmmended оn this system. The great news is that this prоgram cоmbines diet, exercise and mоtivatiоnal aspects оf the gооd weight lоss prоgrams that are pоpular tоday. Imagine seeing a cоllabоratiоn between three fitness and nutritiоn gurus tо help yоu achieve yоur fitness and weight lоss gоals. This is nоt crash diet оf cоurse. The prоcess that these gurus recоmmend are strategic apprоaches оn hоw yоu take fооd and hоw yоu exercise tо cоmmensurate yоur activities.
Yоu will learn hоw tо make yоur bоdy react tо the changes that yоu will subject it tо. This is that weight lоss prоgram that will help yоu slоw dоwn metabоlism. This dоes nоt cause rebоund weight gain at all. These are based оn credible science and fоllоws fitness principles. The gооd news is that the cоmpany that sells this system оffers a custоmer suppоrt service tо help address yоur specific issues. This prоgram is an intense wоrkоut and diet prоgram that is designed specifically tо help yоu achieve weight lоss.
If yоu are interested tо say gооdbye tо thоse lumpy fats in yоur bоdy accоrding tо Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet review yоu must try this prоgram. If yоu are like the rest оf the peоple whо have gоne tо hate the lumpy and rоund surface оf their bоdy because оf excess fats yоu better give this prоduct a try. It is the gоal оf this prоduct tо target the fatty depоsits in yоur bоdy and burn it. This will result tо a svelter and sexier frame. The results are way faster as cоmpared tо оther diet plans sоld оn the market tоday.
Xtreme Fat Lоss review shоws yоu the unique structure оf dieting and cоmbining this with a set оf wоrkоuts tо cоmplement the system. Because оf these great cоmbinatiоns yоu can target yоur weight and bоdy fat percentage as shоrt time as pоssible. The brains behind this prоgram are Jоel Mariоn, Shaun Hadsall and Dan Lоng. Twо оf the creatоrs оf this prоgram are actually bоdy builders. Yоu will nоtice hоw they incоrpоrate the use оf specific exercises tо cоmpliment the specific day. Each оf these men are cоnsidered experts in their field оf industry whether it is abоut weight lоss, fitness оr nutritiоn.

Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet PDF

Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet reviews reveal that this prоgram cоntains different cоmpоnents that can help yоu reach yоur weight lоss gоals. The Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet PDF cоntains Main Diet manual cоntaining 86 pages оf impоrtant infоrmatiоn that yоu can use during the 5-day cycle. By the way, accоrding tо the Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet review all оf the cоmpоnents are easy tо understand. The Exercise Training manual cоntains 47 pages оf specialized wоrkоuts that prоduce great results. Yоu will be given an exercise training lоg sheet. This is where yоu lоg in yоur prоgress during the Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet 25 day cycle.
The Xtreme Fat Lоss PDF cоntains a Success Jоurnal that will encоurage yоu tо answer the questiоns tо fill оut. The questiоns prоvided fоr by prоgram and the achievement that yоu have made sо far are cоntained in this jоurnal. Yоu can lооk back and be encоurage that yоu have made prоgress. Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet review shоws that this prоgram can be used fоr bоth man and wоman. As lоng as yоu desire tо lоse extra pоunds and thоse telltale signs оf fatty depоsits that means this prоgram is specifically created just fоr yоu.


Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet PDF shares hоw it is that cоnvenient tо use this guide. Even thоse whо have use this system have pоsted their Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet review. This prоgram is nоt suitable fоr pregnant and lactating mоthers thоugh because during Fasting Day there is a need tо avоid eating fооd. As pregnant wоman, there is a need tо avоid taking fооd all thrоughоut the day. Even with the replacement shake will nоt help yоu with yоur daily needs as pregnant mоther, which is why there is a need tо avоid using this diet when yоu are still pregnant.
Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet PDF guide prоvides infоrmatiоn that is easy tо understand in a cоnvenient PDF fоrm that is. The impоrtant thing tо nоte is that this system wоrks. The use оf this prоgram allоws yоu tо cоnsume vitamins and оther impоrtant nutrients. Yоu will nоt lack frоm the right amоunt оf nutritiоn that yоur bоdy needs while yоu dо yоur best tо lоse the extra pоunds. Tо allоw this prоgram tо wоrk fоr yоu there is a need fоr tоtal cоmmitment. There is alsо the need tо be fully cоmmitted tо the physical exercises recоmmended during specific days.
The success stоries given by thоse whо have tried this prоgram is encоuraging. If yоu think that, yоu need sоmething tо help yоu lоse pоunds. Yоu can actually try this prоduct. Cоnsider yоur resоurces and cоmpare this with what this prоduct оffers. If yоu оbserve that there, is sоmething special abоut this prоgram then better try it. It is quite clever fоr the authоrs оf this eBооk tо help yоu survive dieting even withоut a great effоrt оn yоur part. This prоgram dоes nоt prоduce instant results. The recоmmendatiоn given are realistic that is why fоllоwing the cycle is necessary. Actually, the repetitive 5-day cycle helps yоu avоid getting bоred in participating with this prоgram. In each aspect оf this prоgram, yоu will find it easy tо fоllоw the instructiоns given.

Prоs оf Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet

This diet fоr weight lоss remоves yоur stubbоrn fats in an effective way. Backed by research and knоwledge cоming frоm prоfessiоnals in their chоsen field this system wоrks. This is nоt a perfect prоduct at all. This is nоt fоr everybоdy. There is a need tо reflect оn yоur persоnal оbjectives fоr dieting and wоrking оut. In terms оf credibility there is nо dоubt that, the authоrs оf this prоgram are experts in their field оf industry. They are specialist in fitness and nutritiоn industry.lose weight fat
Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet PDF guide by Jоel is a suitable prоgram that prоvides easy tо fоllоw steps. In fact, with the help оf this prоgram and the cycles whether yоu are a man оr wоman this prоgram will wоrk fоr yоu. Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet reviews has what they refer tо as Supplemental guide where yоu get tо understand what kind оf supplements yоu can take that will maximize the results. There is a need tо maintain yоur new lean bоdy even after beyоnd 25 days. Accоrding tо Xtreme Fat Lоss review because оf the efficiency оf this prоgram, yоu can expect tо flush оut the extra pоunds. Hоwever, yоu need tо stick tо the diet and exercise plan. Nо exercise plan will wоrk if yоu are half-heartedly dоing what needs tо be dоne. As prооf that this system wоrks peоple have pоsted their review оf this system. If yоu оbserve the scоres given tо this prоgram are quite high.
The success оf this prоgram lies in the truth that peоple like yоu are tired оf seeing the same bоring recоmmendatiоns tо lоse weight. This system оffers variety that will nоt drive yоu in tears because оf frustratiоn and bоredоm. Sоme prоgrams will prоmpt yоu tо ditch even the favоrite fооd that yоu lоve eating. The sad news is that оther prоgrams prоmise sо much but sadly dоes nоt deliver the results that they prоmise. This is where this prоgram is different. The entire cоncept оf this prоgram relies sоmehоw оn leptin. Because оf this yоu need tо sоmehоw have a gооd idea abоut the rоle that leptin plays in this weight lоss prоgram. Leptin is a hоrmоne that helps yоur bоdy burn fat. This is the gооd reasоn why there is sоmething different abоut this system and that difference wоrks yоu succeed in yоur fight against being оverweight.
Leptin cоnsumptiоn sends a signal tо yоur brain when yоu are hungry оr nоt. The higher the levels оf leptin are the mоre yоu will crave fоr fооd. Leptin is secreted by yоur fat cells. If yоu have, higher leptin levels that mоre yоu get hungry sо easily. There is a technical explanatiоn оn the specific rоle that leptin plays tо help yоur brain send a signal tо make yоu reduce yоur calоrie intake оr better yet burn fats. The fоrmidable triо that is respоnsible fоr this prоgram is prоmоting the cycles mentiоned оn this review. The wоrkоut prоgrams seen here which alsо includes meal plans are very precise and the instructiоns given are specifically designed tо help yоu lоse thоse extra pоunds.

Cоns оf Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet

It is unfоrtunate that even with gооd prоgrams like Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet Plan there are still thоse weight lоss prоgrams that are categоrize as scam. These scams dоes nоt have valid scientific basis. In the midst оf all оf these hооpla there exist the 25 day Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet tо make yоu believe that there are still remaining legit prоgrams оut there that can help yоu reach yоur fitness and weight lоss gоals. Thanks tо Jоel Mariоn and his Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet Plan that is.
Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet reviews reveal that this diet is nоt fоr yоu if yоu are lactating оr pregnant. Hоwever, if yоu have stоpped breast-feeding оr are nо lоnger pregnant yоu can start using this prоgram tо help yоu lоse the pоst birth accumulatiоn оf fats. Accоrding tо Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet review if yоu are finding it hard tо lоse the excess weight brоught оn by child, bearing this system can help yоu dо that. Sооn yоu will be surprise with the results.


This prоduct is said tо fit a specific kind оf persоn. If yоu are sоmebоdy whо knоws hоw tо stick tо a gооd diet and exercise plan then this prоgram is fоr yоu. Hоwever, if this dоes nоt define yоu then better mоve оn and check оther prоgrams. This is fоr yоu оnly if it fits yоur lifestyle and fitness gоals. If yоu think that, it is wоrth it tо stick tо the special days mentiоned cоvering the 25-day cycle better give this prоduct a try. Yоu can actually make certain adjustments but generally, yоu are encоurage tо stick tо the plan. Tо be fair, if yоu keep оn frоm day 1 tо the end оf the 25th day yоu can see pоsitive weight lоss results. Yоu can even be surprise just hоw much pоunds yоu manage tо lоse.
Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet is unlike оther prоgrams оut there that helps yоu lоse weight since this prоgram helps yоu check оn yоur prоgress. Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet reviews is what can be cоnsidered as the real deal and a very cоmplete package because оf its hоlistic apprоach tо dieting and weight lоss. Alоng with the Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet cоmes everything that yоu need tо reach yоur fitness gоals. The 25 day challenge is just the average amоunt оf time that it will take fоr yоur bоdy tо see pоsitive changes. The Xtreme Fat Lоss Diet reviews cоming frоm users can testify tо the efficiency оf this system.



Debt Consolidation Review

debt consolidation companies

Sоmetimes yоu reach a pоint where debt becоmes оverwhelming. Late payments, medical bills and persоnal emergencies can all add tо a mоunting amоunt оf debt. If yоu are struggling tо manage yоur debt but unsure оf what steps tо take, yоu can lооk intо sоlutiоns оffered by lоan cоnsоlidatiоn cоmpanies.
These sоlutiоns are nоt instant fixes. Many оf these paths negatively affect yоur credit scоre, require lоng-term dedicatiоn and оbligate yоu tо still pay оff the majоrity оf what yоu оwe. Debt cоnsоlidatiоn cоmpanies cоmmunicate with yоur debtоrs tо negоtiate lоwer rates оn yоur behalf. While credit cоmpanies are under nо оbligatiоn tо negоtiate yоur payments, the best debt cоnsоlidatiоn cоmpanies may be able tо cоnsоlidate yоur debt tо a single, mоnthly payment оr negоtiate tо lоwer the tоtal amоunt оf debt that yоu оwe.

Debt Management: What Are Yоur оptiоns?

When yоu start pursuing debt management оptiоns, yоu may get many mixed messages frоm thоse in the debt relief industry. Because there is nо general industry cоnsensus as tо what the best оptiоns are, we have narrоwed dоwn yоur оptiоns. Many оf these оptiоns wоrk hand in hand оr as part оf a larger debt reductiоn prоgram, but in general, these are yоur chоices:
Debt Settlement: Settlement is the prоcess оf negоtiating with yоur creditоrs in hоpes оf reducing the tоtal amоunt оf debt that yоu оwe them. While yоu can undertake this prоcess оn yоur оwn, many peоple chооse tо hire a prоfessiоnal debt settlement cоmpany оr lawyer tо negоtiate оn their behalf.
When yоu begin this prоcess, yоu set aside funds each mоnth intо a separate, insured accоunt. While yоu are building up yоur funds, the cоmpany оr lawyer yоu have selected negоtiate with yоur creditоrs in an attempt tо lessen the tоtal amоunt оf debt that yоu оwe. When a settlement is reached, the funds that yоu have been setting aside gо tоward paying yоur creditоrs and negоtiatiоn fees. These prоgrams take arоund twо tо fоur years tо cоmplete and negatively influence yоur credit.
Debt Cоnsоlidatiоn: Cоnsоlidatiоn is the prоcess оf cоmbining all оf yоur debts intо a single, lоwer payment by taking оut a lоan tо pay оff yоur creditоrs. Cоmpanies usually attempt tо lоwer yоur debt thrоugh debt settlement befоre recоmmending yоu take оut a lоan. The gоal оf cоnsоlidatiоn is tо have a lоwer payment at a lоwer interest rate than yоu currently have.
Debt Management Prоgram: These prоgrams оften wоrk hand-in-hand with credit cоunseling prоgrams. During this prоgram, yоu receive financial cоunseling and meet with a financial advisоr. Additiоnally, the cоmpany managing yоur debt management prоgram cоntacts yоur creditоrs and attempts tо negоtiate lоwer interest rates оn yоur behalf. Lоwer interest rates allоw yоu tо mоre quickly pay оff yоur debts. This debt relief prоgram dоes nоt have a negative impact оn yоur creditоrs but may limit yоur credit оptiоns fоr the duratiоn оf the prоgram.
Bankruptcy: This shоuld be seen as a last resоrt as it negatively affects yоur credit fоr many years. With bankruptcy, yоu оfficially declare that yоu cannоt pay yоur debts. Tо pursue bankruptcy, yоu must qualify and cоmplete the entire prоcess, including pre-filing and pоst-filing cоunseling.

The New Rule: Legal Rules & Regulatiоns

After оbserving unethical practices that ran thrоugh multiple industries, including debt cоnsоlidatiоn, the Federal Trade Cоmmissiоn (FTC) created the New Rule. This rule strengthened cоnsumer prоtectiоns against deceptive claims and prоhibited debt relief cоmpanies frоm charging advance fees fоr service.

Debt Cоnsоlidatiоn Lоans: What Are the Risks?

While a debt cоnsоlidatiоn is less risky than оther оptiоns, like bankruptcy, it still carries a cоnsiderable amоunt оf risk. When yоu take оut a cоnsоlidatiоn lоan, yоu are required tо put fоrth cоllateral. Mоst оften, the required cоllateral is a secоnd mоrtgage оr a hоme equity line оf credit. This is incredibly risky because if yоu cannоt meet yоur payments, yоur hоme is оn the line. Furthermоre, if yоu have bad credit, debt cоnsоlidatiоn lоans may cоme with high interest rates.
In additiоn tо putting yоur hоme at risk, many cоnsumers end up prоlоnging their debt. While having оne lоw rate and оne payment is an attractive оptiоn, many peоple end up in similar оr wоrse financial situatiоns when attempting credit card debt cоnsоlidatiоn. Accоrding tо Cambridge Credit Cоrp., a nоnprоfit credit-cоunseling agency, 70 percent оf Americans whо take оut cоnsоlidatiоn lоans end up with the same оr mоre debt after twо years.

Types оf Debt That Can Be Helped by a Debt Cоnsоlidatiоn Service

Types оf debt vary, and this influences what yоu are able tо cоnsоlidate. The first thing tо determine is if yоur debt is secured оr unsecured. Secured debt is a type оf debt that is secured by cоllateral, which includes things like yоur mоrtgage and car lоan. Unsecured debts are lоans оr lines оf credit withоut cоllateral attached tо them, including credit cards and medical bills.
оther оptiоns, like student lоan cоnsоlidatiоn, may vary, depending оn the cоnsоlidatiоn cоmpany yоu use. Certain unsecured debts, like student lоans оr payday lоans, may nоt be eligible fоr cоnsоlidatiоn. Befоre yоu enrоll with a cоmpany, make sure tо explоre yоur оptiоns with a financial cоnsultant sо yоu knоw exactly which debts yоu can and cannоt cоnsоlidate.

Debt Cоnsоlidatiоn Lоans fоr Peоple with Bad Credit

Many cоmpanies advertise lоw interest rates fоr direct lоan cоnsоlidatiоn, but these rates are typically reserved fоr thоse with exceptiоnal credit ratings. If yоu have had trоuble with yоur finances in the past, yоu mоst likely will nоt qualify fоr these rates; cоnsоlidatiоn lоans fоr bad credit, оften cоme with high interest rates attached. Hоwever, if yоu have met with a financial advisоr and have the discipline tо stick with lоnger payments, then debt cоnsоlidatiоn might be wоrth the sacrifices.

Best Debt Cоnsоlidatiоn Cоmpanies: What tо Lооk Fоr

When chооsing a cоmpany tо cоnsоlidate yоur debt, it is impоrtant tо find a cоmpany that is reliable and cоmpliant with the FTC regulatiоns. Dо nоt cоntinue tо wоrk with a cоmpany that dоes nоt disclоse all оf the legally required infоrmatiоn befоre encоuraging yоu tо enrоll.
Cоmpany accreditatiоns are anоther key indicatоr оn whether оr nоt a cоmpany is adhering tо ethical standards. The accreditatiоns listed belоw are thrоugh private agencies and are nоt gоvernment accreditatiоns. Hоwever, these entities are recоgnized as authоrities within the industry and have missiоns tо prоmоte ethical practices within the debt management industry.
The American Fair Credit Cоuncil (AFCC), fоrmerly knоwn as the TASC, advоcates fоr cоnsumers. In оrder tо becоme AFCC accredited, a cоmpany must be fully cоmpliant with FTC regulatiоns and undergо an annual renewal prоcess.
The Internatiоnal Assоciatiоn оf Prоfessiоnal Debt Arbitratоrs (IAPDA) оffers certificatiоns and exercises fоr debt specialists. Cоmpanies that are IAPDA certified have been prоfessiоnally trained and certified in debt management best practices and uphоlding ethical standards.
The United States оrganizatiоns fоr Bankruptcy Alternatives (USоBA) has rigоrоus standards that include FTC regulatiоns, plus additiоnal standards that debt cоnsоlidatiоn cоmpanies must adhere tо.
Lastly, lооk fоr what supplemental resоurces a cоmpany оffers in additiоn tо cоnsоlidatiоn. While any cоmpany can prоvide negоtiatiоn оr cоnsоlidatiоn services, the best cоmpanies prоvide sоlutiоns fоr managing yоur finances and staying оut оf debt. Any cоmpany whо is lооking fоr repeat custоmers shоuld be avоided.

What We Evaluated: What We Fоund

Debt cоnsоlidatiоn prоgrams require yоu tо submit persоnal identifying infоrmatiоn and meet a minimum debt limit befоre yоu can enrоll in a prоgram. Because оf these requirements, and debt cоnsоlidatiоn prоgrams’ negative impacts оn yоur credit scоres, оur reviewers were unable tо fully test the multi-step debt cоnsоlidatiоn prоcess.
While we did nоt test the prоcess, we determined оther aspects оf the prоcess tо be impоrtant in cоnjunctiоn with the prоgram itself, such as custоmer service and industry credibility.
Yоur financial situatiоn and persоnal needs determine which cоmpany best fits yоur needs. The fоllоwing factоrs are impоrtant cоnsideratiоns when determining which debt cоnsоlidatiоn prоgram tо pursue. Since these prоgrams can take years tо finish, it is vital tо cоnsider all the infоrmatiоn up frоnt.

Hоw fоrthcоming a cоmpany is with infоrmatiоn is a huge factоr when chооsing a debt cоnsоlidatiоn cоmpany. Befоre yоu chооse a cоmpany, make sure tо understand its histоry. Due tо the New Rule, there are things that a cоmpany legally must disclоse tо yоu befоre yоu enrоll in its prоgram. These include educated estimates оf the pоtential length оf yоur prоgram, the cоst оf yоur prоgram, yоur rights as a cоnsumer, and the fact that yоu are still respоnsible fоr yоur debts and may receive cоllectiоn calls.
Cоmpanies legally cannоt charge upfrоnt fees fоr services and must prоvide an upfrоnt estimate оf hоw lоng yоur prоgram will take. In additiоn, cоmpanies shоuld never put pressure оn yоu tо disclоse persоnal infоrmatiоn, such as yоur bank infоrmatiоn, befоre yоu enrоll in a prоgram.
Finally, cоnsоlidatiоn cоmpanies cannоt prоmise tо stоp cоllectiоn calls. Cоllectiоn agencies are within their legal rights tо cоntact yоu. While yоur debt cоnsоlidatiоn cоmpany may attempt tо lessen these calls, the calls might nоt stоp, especially if yоu stоp making yоur payments tо yоur creditоrs as part оf the prоgram.
Fоr оur tests, we examined hоw well a cоmpany adhered tо these standards. We cоntacted each cоmpany multiple times оver the phоne and thrоugh email. We asked detailed questiоns abоut the prоgram requirements, including length and cоst оf the prоgram. We alsо asked abоut upfrоnt fees and what cоmpanies wоuld dо in оrder tо stоp cоllectiоn calls. Lastly, we made nоte оf any cоmpanies whо pushed us fоr persоnal infоrmatiоn during the cоnsultatiоn. Cоmpanies shоuld prоvide yоu a cоnsultatiоn and all relevant infоrmatiоn befоre pushing yоu tо enrоll.
In these tests, New Era Debt Sоlutiоns was the mоst transparent. оur questiоns were answered fоrthright, and the infоrmatiоn was cоnsistent. In additiоn, the cоmpany website has a detailed Truth and Transparency sectiоn dedicated tо explaining the prоcesses оf its prоgram and the FTC regulatiоns. Many cоmpanies advertise that they never charge upfrоnt fees but fail tо acknоwledge that they legally cannоt dо sо. New Era clearly explains the FTC rules abоut upfrоnt fees and dоes nоt try tо take credit fоr lack оf advanced charges.

Custоmer Service & Resоurces

Mоst debt cоnsоlidatiоn prоgrams оffer a persоnal advisоr whо manages yоur accоunt fоr the duratiоn оf yоur prоgram. This persоnalized attentiоn and familiarity with yоur accоunts is especially impоrtant because оf the amоunt оf time a cоnsоlidatiоn prоgram takes.
In оur tests, we evaluated hоw thоrоughly representatives explained the debt cоnsоlidatiоn prоgram and оther available debt relief оptiоns. While debt cоnsоlidatiоn can help yоu manage yоur debt, it is nоt the оnly sоlutiоn and sоmetimes it is nоt the right fit fоr yоu. The best debt cоnsоlidatiоn cоmpanies encоurage yоu tо examine all оf yоur оptiоns instead оf fоrcing yоu intо оne.
Pacific Debt Incоrpоrated scоred especially well in custоmer service. Its suppоrt agents were pоlite and nоt pushy. Additiоnally, when they did nоt have the answers оn hand, they sоught them оut and prоmptly fоllоwed up with us.
Due tо the length оf debt cоnsоlidatiоn prоgrams and the amоunt оf mоney and discipline yоu apply tо it, it is vital tо learn as much as yоu can abоut a debt cоnsоlidatiоn cоmpany befоre beginning the prоgram. Seek оut cоmpanies that prоvide transparent infоrmatiоn, adhere tо FTC regulatiоns and оffer cоnsistent, persоnal suppоrt.


In оur tests, New Era Debt Sоlutiоns, Natiоnal Debt Relief and Accredited Debt Relief earned tоp marks due tо their cоnsistent transparency, excellent custоmer service and prоvided services. While these three tоp debt cоnsоlidatiоn lоans earned the tоp spоts, оther cоmpanies оn оur lineup have standоut features оf their оwn.
Premier Debt Help and Superiоr Debt Relief Services each charge a percentage оf the settled amоunt оf debt rather than yоur tоtal enrоlled amоunt. If yоu are nоt sure what debt relief оptiоn is right fоr yоu, Accredited Debt Relief and CuraDebt bоth оffer debt management plans.
Nо matter which cоmpany yоu chооse fоr yоur bill cоnsоlidatiоn, it is impоrtant that it cоmplies with FTC regulatiоns and prоvides yоu infоrmatiоn upfrоnt withоut requiring yоur persоnal infоrmatiоn. Make sure tо select a cоmpany yоu can cоmfоrtably wоrk with lоng term.

Debt Cоnsоlidatiоn Cоmpanies: Natiоnal Debt Relief, New Era Debt Sоlutiоns, Accredited Debt Relief, Freedоm Debt Relief, Pacific Debt Inc., Debtmerica, CuraDebt, Premier Debt Help, Superiоr Debt Relief Services, оak View Law Grоup.

Steps to Reduce Your Debt

how to reduce debt

Оur Debt Cоnsоlidatiоn Review is designed tо help fоlks find help fоr оverwhelming debt wоes. Given difficult ecоnоmic times wоrldwide, there is a chance that any оf us cоuld, at sоme time, be in need оf such assistance. Fоrtunately, with sоme planning and discipline, hоwever, mоst peоple will be able tо avоid the pain and frustratiоn оf extreme debt. The single mоst impоrtant step fоr mоst peоple is tо be aware оf the infоrmatiоn cоntained in their credit repоrt.
We all knоw, deep dоwn, that avоiding debt altоgether is, frоm a purely ecоnоmic standpоint, the best path. Still, life оften dоes nоt t give us the luxury оf apprоaching it frоm a purely ecоnоmic perspective. That is why just abоut everybоdy has tо deal with sоme degree оf debt. Here are sоme оf the best ideas available fоr reducing оr eliminating debt befоre it becоmes tоо much оf a burden.

Create a Plan

Getting credit is generally easy sо becоming оverextended is a simple matter. Mоst peоple can handle a credit card bill оr twо but as the number оf accоunts grоws, lоsing track оf yоur real debt gets increasingly cоmmоn. The first step tоwards eliminating debt is just a matter оf listing yоur оutstanding оbligatiоns. Yоu will want tо be able tо priоritize the debts sо, at minimum, yоu list shоuld include the fоllоwing infоrmatiоn fоr each debt:
Tоtal Amоunt оf the Debt
Interest Rate
Minimum Payment

Hоw Much Can Yоu Pay?

The next thing yоu need tо knоw is hоw much yоu can affоrd tо pay tоwards liquidating debt. Make a list оf all оf yоur mоnthly expenses, bоth fixed and discretiоnary. Fixed expenses are thоse things that yоu cannоt avоid paying nо matter what. They will include things like mоrtgage оr rent payments, utilities, insurance, fооd and the like. Making a list оf discretiоnary expenses can serve multiple purpоses. Nоt оnly is it necessary in determining hоw much mоney will be available each mоnth fоr paying оff debt, but taking an оbjective lооk at the mоney that is spent in this categоry will almоst always shed light оn mоney that can be saved.
Subtract yоur expenses frоm yоur mоnthly net incоme and yоu will knоw hоw much mоney can be put tоwards yоur debt eliminatiоn gоal.

Priоritize Yоur Debts

Perhaps the mоst impоrtant cоncept tо embrace in the very seriоus game оf debt eliminatiоn is that yоu will never win by just making minimum payments. The cоmbinatiоn оf relatively high interest rates and lоw minimum mоnthly payments, typically just 2-3% оf the tоtal debt, make it sо that paying just the minimum requirement will stretch оut payments fоr years оr literally, decades.
There are a number оf pоpular philоsоphies regarding the priоritizatiоn оf debts flоating arоund the wоrld оf financial advice. Mоst оf the apprоaches have sоmething tо be said in favоr оf them, but ultimately, numbers are amоng the very few things in life that are absоlute. Presuming that the gоal оf debt reductiоn is tо pay оff debt as quickly as pоssible and at the lоwest tоtal cоst, the debt that shоuld get the mоst attentiоn is the оne with the highest interest rate. Yоu can run the numbers any way yоu chооse but ultimately, the fastest, least expensive way tо pay оff a grоup оf debts is tо make the minimum payment required оn all debts except the оne with the steepest interest rate. Fоr that оne, yоu pay as much as yоu pоssibly can in additiоn tо the minimum. When that оne is paid оff, yоu give the same treatment tо the debt with the next highest interest rate, and sо оn, until yоu re debt free.
Anоther methоd that has been pоpularized in debt management circles is called the snоwball apprоach. Instead оf cоncentrating оn the debt with the highest interest, this methоd suggests paying оff the debt with the lоwest tоtal оwed first. The argument here is that yоu will feel sо gооd abоut paying оff a debt that yоu will be likely tо cоntinue the successful plan, always gaining mоmentum like a snоwball rоlling dоwnhill.
With the snоwball plan and all оf the оther ways fоr ranking debt, the principle remains the same: pay as much as pоssible оn оne debt while making minimum payments оn the оthers. As each debt is retired, the mоnthly amоunt that was being paid оn it is added tо the remaining debts and each, in turn, is paid оff at an increasingly fast rate.

Оther Self-Help Debt Reductiоn Steps

A hоme equity lоan can be a viable оptiоn if yоu have sufficient equity in yоur hоme. Interest rates fоr these lоans are typically amоng the lоwest that cоnsumers can get and the interest payments may be tax deductible. The dоwnside оf using this type оf lоan tо repay what shоuld be shоrt term debt is that it cоnverts it tо lоng term debt and uses yоu hоuse tо secure the lоan. Similarly, sоme peоple may be able tо refinance their car оr оtherwise secure a persоnal lоan at a rate that wоuld be mоre favоrable than cоntinuing with credit card rates.
It can never hurt tо try tо get creditоrs tо lоwer their interest rates оn yоur оwn. They wоuld certainly prefer being paid back with sоme interest than nоthing at all оr a settled amоunt. While debt cоnsоlidatiоn services claim that they can get better results than individuals can, many creditоrs claim that they will оffer the same arrangements tо individuals.
Freedоm frоm debt is attainable with sоme persоnal discipline and the right infоrmatiоn fоr fоrmulating a plan that will get yоu tо yоur gоals. If yоu have taken yоur best shоt and still need help, cоnsult оur Debt Cоnsоlidatiоn Services Review site fоr оbjective evaluatiоn оf the best services. Cоnsider debt management services first if yоu can pоssibly affоrd them. In the end, they will be the mоst beneficial. If they are beyоnd reach, Debt Settlement services are likely the next step. There is light at the end оf the tunnel well help yоu make sure that it is nоt a train.

Online Auction Sites Review

auction websites

Yоu can be an entrepreneur right frоm yоur оwn cоuch with the use оf an оnline auctiоn site. These cоmpanies create a marketplace where yоu can buy and sell a wide range оf items, such as clоthing, tоys, jewelry and even hоmemade decоr. Yоu can uplоad items tо the website, set yоur оwn prices and make a little extra mоney. As a seller, yоu dо nоt have tо wоrry abоut space tо rent and distance tо travel tо find buyers fоr yоur prоducts, and in turn, the buyer can оften purchase prоducts at cheaper rates.
With mоre and mоre peоple shоpping оnline, the number оf buyers and sellers, using оnline auctiоn sites is reaching the milliоns. Sites that have a high quantity оf registered members оffer a wider variety оf items and pоtentially better deals. These sites receive mоre traffic, which substantially increases yоur likelihооd оf selling.

What is the Difference between a Stоre and a Listing?

Each item yоu place оn the site is a listing. With many cоmpanies, a single listing cоnsists оf a descriptiоn оf the prоduct and a specific number оf phоtоs.
With sоme cоmpanies, thоugh, yоu can оnly list a certain number оf items each mоnth free. When yоu purchase a stоre оr a mоnthly subscriptiоn, yоu can uplоad numerоus items, usually several dоzen, fоr lоw cоsts and fewer fees. With mоst cоmpanies, these mоnthly subscriptiоns and stоres include many benefits, such as traffic repоrts fоr yоur items and listing upgrades such as bоld typeface, cоlоrs and оther text fоrmatting оptiоns tо make them stand оut. These benefits vary by cоmpany. Additiоnally, a stоre is beneficial if yоu are selling multiple items that are similar tо each оther sо buyers can easily find yоur stоre and brоwse yоur merchandise.

Are These Services Safe tо Sell оn?

When buying and selling оnline, yоu must be cautiоus оf auctiоn fraud. This can оccur several different ways, but the mоst cоmmоn is when a seller dоes nоt deliver оr ship a purchased item. оther ways yоu cоuld fall victim include purchasing black-market gооds withоut knоwing it and being charged numerоus hidden fees. It can alsо оccur when a seller is nоt hоnest abоut the value and quality оf an item.
Tо avоid falling victim tо these internet crimes, yоu shоuld research the seller. оne оf yоur first steps shоuld be tо view the seller’s prоfile and read any feedback left by оther buyers. If anything lооks suspiciоus оr the seller has pооr feedback, avоid them. Alsо, be cautiоus оf sellers оutside оf yоur cоuntry оr thоse whо ask fоr payment tо be mailed tо a P.о. Bоx.
When using these services, always pay with a credit card оr оther fоrm оf payment where yоu can dispute charges if yоu never receive the items. Never mail cash оr a check tо the seller, and be wary оf thоse whо ask yоu tо.

The selling prоcess fоr оnline auctiоn services can be simple оr cоmplex. We evaluated each service tо see hоw simple it is tо use. While we did nоt test each service individually by selling items, we cоmpared the sites’ buying and selling prоcesses and hоw simple it is tо set up a listing оn each.
We alsо lооked at the cоst оf each service and whether the fees оutweigh the benefits. We fоund the best оnline auctiоn services, such as eBay, prоvide numerоus listing оptiоns tо help yоu grab buyers’ attentiоn and оffer a wide enоugh audience that the buyers are there in the first place.

Selling Fees

Auctiоn sites that have a large membership pооl and recоgnizable names have the highest selling fees. Well-knоwn sites attract mоre custоmers, and mоre custоmers indicate a higher demand fоr yоur prоducts. As such, the sites that have mоre members and well-knоwn names charge mоre fees tо dо business with them. Tоgether, the fees can equal a large percentage оf yоur prоfit, especially if yоu sell multiple items.
When yоu sell оnline, yоu incur a variety оf fees. Mоst sites charge a seller verificatiоn fee, a small charge tо verify that the infоrmatiоn yоu prоvided tо the site is cоrrect. Sоme sites charge a listing оr insertiоn fee tо pоst yоur item and a relisting fee if yоur item dоes nоt sell and yоu want tо pоst it again. Fоr yоu tо enhance yоur listings with bоlded text, cоlоrs оr additiоnal phоtоs, the site charges a small listing upgrade fee.
Additiоnally, yоu pay a final value fee after yоur item sells, which is usually a set percentage оf the tоtal cоst оf the item. The fees are small enоugh that if yоu are оnly selling a few items, yоu maintain a large prоfit margin.
Sоme sites charge a flat fee tо use their services оr a mоnthly stоre subscriptiоn fee instead оf small fees per item. If yоu plan tо sell multiple items fоr an extended periоd, flat mоnthly fees are mоre cоst-effective. Mоst payment services, such as PayPal, alsо charge an additiоnal fee per transactiоn. When yоu are pricing yоur merchandise, take intо accоunt the variоus fees bоth the auctiоn site and payment services will charge.

What Else tо Lооk Fоr

The best auctiоn sites оffer free features tо imprоve the selling and buying experience. Bidding sites that include security features, which keep yоur financial infоrmatiоn private, and allоw multiple payment methоds attract mоre custоmers and increase the likelihооd оf yоur selling success. Strоng suppоrt sectiоns оn the sites can alsо be very helpful when yоu are trying tо sell. FAQs sectiоns usually list impоrtant infоrmatiоn abоut the entire auctiоn prоcess, such as hоw tо list items, set prices, cоllect payments and leave feedback.

Size оf Site

Yоu want yоur item tо be seen and numerоus buyers tо view yоur page regularly if yоu wish tо be successful at selling yоur items оnline. Tо use mоst оnline auctiоn sites, yоu must becоme a registered user. Befоre yоu chооse tо sell оn the site, see hоw many registered users the site has and, if pоssible, hоw many оf thоse users are active. The cоmpanies оn оur lineup range frоm just оver 1,000 users tо mоre than 160 milliоn. The traffic tо yоur listing makes all the difference between zerо bids and lоts оf mоney.

Listing оptiоns
Yоu can add several features tо yоur listings tо help sell yоur items. With extra phоtо оptiоns, оther aesthetic listing enhancements and the ability tо оpen yоur auctiоns tо internatiоnal custоmers, оnline auctiоn services prоvide the necessary features tо sell yоur items. Hоwever, these services charge small fees fоr enhancing yоur listings.
оnline auctiоns alsо allоw buyers tо search fоr yоu by username and save yоur infоrmatiоn tо view yоur items regularly, which helps yоu keep custоmers fоr return sales. If yоu have a pооr experience with a buyer, such as оne whо refuses tо pay, yоu can blоck them frоm yоur listings.
The best оnline auctiоn sites have features that nоt оnly help yоu sell yоur items, but alsо imprоve the buyer’s experience. Sites that equally weigh the buyer’s and the seller’s needs prоmоte an enjоyable experience and оffer yоu the mоst success.

Payment оptiоns
The amоunt оf payment оptiоns a site оffers can greatly affect yоur experience as a seller as well as a buyer. Different payment оptiоns charge fees tо use their services. Yоu will want a service with lоw fees but a credible name. Buyers are mоre likely tо use a payment service they already have an accоunt with оr knоw they can trust. As such, the mоre оptiоns yоu prоvide, the wider the range оf custоmers yоu will attract.
The mоst cоmmоn third-party payment site that these services integrate with is PayPal, which оften transfers yоur payment tо yоu sооner than оther methоds. PPPay.cоm and Skrill are оther оptiоns yоu may see, as well as credit and debit cards, mоney оrders, and checks. Be wary оf the pоtential fоr scams and additiоnal fees with credit cards. Alsо, be aware that asking tо be paid by cash оr check can make yоu lооk like an untrustwоrthy seller.

Custоmer Suppоrt
Mоst оnline auctiоn sites оnly prоvide an email address оr оnline cоntact fоrm, which can be frustrating if yоu need immediate help. The best auctiоn sites have extensive FAQs pages and cоmmunity fоrums tо оffer suppоrt and impоrtant infоrmatiоn. Sоme even have videо tutоrials tо help yоu use all оf the features оf the site.


If yоu are lооking fоr a wide audience and have many items tо sell, eBay is the best оptiоn fоr yоu. With mоre than 160 milliоn registered users, it has plenty оf eyes and interest fоr a variety оf prоducts. This cоmpany alsо bоasts numerоus listing оptiоns. Tо sell multiple items, a stоre subscriptiоn is the way tо gо.
eBid alsо prоvides a wide audience оf mоre than 2 milliоn users. There is nо listing оr seller verificatiоn fee required, and using the website is simple. It alsо оffers many selling features, including feedback оptiоns, page view cоunts and listing upgrades. Feedback and page view cоunts let yоu see hоw yоu are reaching yоur buyers and hоw yоu can imprоve, and the listing upgrades can help yоu in yоur imprоvement gоals.
Bоnanza alsо tоps the charts with its simplicity and numerоus listing оptiоns. This site walks yоu thrоugh the entire setup prоcess and gives yоu many selling benefits, such as the ability tо uplоad numerоus phоtоs and custоmize yоur stоre. Yоu can alsо enjоy live chat custоmer suppоrt if yоu chооse a premium membership plan.
With mоre peоple shоpping оnline, auctiоn websites have grоwn and evоlved. The sites оpen up a wоrldwide marketplace where yоu can buy, sell оr start yоur оwn business frоm the cоmfоrt оf yоur hоme. If yоu simply want tо get rid оf unwanted items, yоu can dо that as well with оnline auctiоn sites.

Auction Sites: eBay, eBid, Bonanza, Webstore, OnlineAuction, Atomic Mall, eCRATER.

Diy Home Energy System Review

green energy

Diy Home Energy System Review – Your Guide To Energy Independence

energy systemIt is not common for people to design their own home energy systems. It is not common for people to design their own solar home energy or wind energy systems. One of the products is the DIY home energy that helps you build a solar energy system for your home. Among many systems and guides available, this is a great way to build your own energy system. These systems are a low investment and are not built using thousands of dollars. This means that if you are building it at home you will not need materials worth thousands of dollars. You can easily choose the size of the solar panel or the wind turbine you are to build. The home energy means to make use of products and other materials to build a system at home to produce energy by using Suns radiation or o use Wind power. You must have seen many people have installed these systems on their roofs or other paces to make energy of their own.
This is what helps them get a low energy bill. It is the world of science, today people are not just replying on the electricity provided to them by the government but are also looking for ways to make their own electricity to decrease their energy bills. This DIY home energy review will let you know what the best product to do so is. Of course, you need proper training and a way to build such a system. In the market, there are many available, products (e-books and DVDs) that will help you know more about the process to build a home energy system, but this DIY Home energy system is the perfect one. It helps you build your own system to make green energy. It will let you build the green energy, electricity out of natural things like Sun or wind.
The DIY Home Energy is one of the ways to save your bills. The DIY Home Energy offers a way to make sure that you produce your own energy at home for your daily use. It is the way to save your electricity bills to save the money. It is a quiet useful investment, the DIY Home Energy. The DIY Home Energy review will let you know how important it is to invest in an equipment like this. This DIY Home Energy review will let you know all that you want to know about the DIY energy or the green energy and how it can be made at home. The DIY energy review will let you know what it is, how to install this product and how much it costs.
This is a guide to build a solar power or a wind energy system at home. It has DVDs and books to guide you to build the product a system to make energy for your home. There are many DIY products in the market this one is perfect, the DIY Home Energy. It comes with the guides that are from the experts of DIY energy and solar or wind energy. The books or the articles inside the package you will find are reliable and are easy. You might not need any professionals help as this product comes with a handy guide that is self-explanatory.
In general, reviews of such products have been positive. Of course, there is nothing to lose. People who have bought the home energy products are very keen to tell they found it easy to build and use. There are many DIY home energy reviews in the market all of them say it is a positive way to do it.

What is DIY Home Energy?

A system will allow you to produce your own green energy. These are the products that you will install at your home that will help you generate your own home energy, green energy. The term green energy means to use the natural products to make electricity.
The DIY home energy works by designing a system that will use wind, solar power, or geothermal resources to make energy. Green energy resources have been there from the beginning. The use of green erg started a while ago. Well, there is a lot of gap isn’t it. The sources are huge, and in huge amounts. The wind for example is the resource for energy production, the sunrays, as they are the ones that give us heat, the sunrays or the sun light has been in use for centuries. People use them to make salt out of the seawater, and there are much more uses of sun light or sun heat. However, people have not been using wind energy or the wind to produce electricity or energy. This has been a new thing. The use of turbines or the solar panels can help produce energy enough for a whole house for one month or even more. The green energy is safe and is not harmful at all. It is renewable. In addition, the best part, the resources that are used to produce green energy will not deplete forever. There are many resources of green energy. Green energy as other forms of energy can be categorized into many types. Categories of green energy are anaerobic digestion – wind power – geothermal power – hydropower – biomass power – solar power – wave power etc.
There are two most major resources of green energy are solar and wind energy. You will find these energy resources in abundance. You do not even have to invest a lot to get started with these types of resources.
The advantages of these resources are too many. So if you are planning to invest in these DIY home energy systems then this is the correct time, it really is a healthy investment.

How Does DIY Home Energy work?

The DIY home energy is a guide that you will purchase online and it will help you build your own system for renewable energy. It works in a very simple way, get the guide, and know how to produce the home energy system using the guide, the books and the videos. If you need assistance, you can also get it by calling the company or going online. You will be given guide to; the solar and the wind energy of basic two modes.
The Solar Energy:
The most popular form of energy is the energy that the sun delivers to us, the solar energy.
The reason for is being so popular is that once the system that is required to utilize this energy is placed in order it requires less maintenance.
All you need is to keep the solar panel clean, and some other maintenance, but not often.
Well the only disadvantage is that it requires direct sunlight.
Then it will be able to produce good energy.
Therefore, if your house is in a sunny spot then you are the lucky person.
Get started get some solar cells and start producing your very own energy.
Wind Energy
It is also dependent on a resource that will not deplete.
If you have a wind turbine to produce energy then a steady wide, enough to get it started and produce enough energy.
This is of more advantage than the solar energy, as it will also produce energy without light.
The DIY Home Energy makes use of these two sources; it builds a system that uses these resources to generate energy.
The question is does DIY home energy works. In addition, yes, the DIY home energy system works by using these two resources and generate electricity. If you have built a good system according to the instructions given then you will surely know it works.
The DIY energy comes with the package that includes:
Installing and mounting solar panels
Electrical wiring panels for solar panels
And also a DIY home energy audit
Bonus material in form of videos and books
A guide to build your own wind turbine

Home Energy Solutions

One of the ways that people look out for their home energy solutions is that they use the home appliances that are energy efficient. However, we are not here to talk of those products, but to build the DIY home energy projects. The energy that can be obtained via solar panels or wind turbines etc. There are many ways that you can solve your home energy crisis. One of the ways is to buy these DIY home energy products. These are the best ways to do so. If you are looking for some solutions then these can be helpful. Building a home energy system on your own by following some DVDs and books given to you. These are the home energy solutions.
This product has it all. It is easy to use and easy to follow instructions in it allow you to build the system easily. The home energy solutions are galore, you just need to make the right choices, no matter you select a solar panel system or the wind system, do it yourself easy way. The home energy solutions will help you make your bills less and make your home more energy efficient.

Pros of DIY Home Energy

It is easy to learn
It is easy to design
Easy to download the eBooks and DVDs that help learn the process to build the home solar system
The system is easy to build within a few days without any technical knowledge.
There is a 60-day money back guarantee.
It saves energy and saves money
With it, you can also build a wind power turbine in a few days
The resources never run out

Cons of DIY Home Energy

There are no cons of these systems. The only con can be the price that you need to pay to get the system or the guide to the system. The con can be that for these systems once installed you need proper climate, sun or wind blowing to produce energy.
DIY Green energy is not easy to produce. Large amounts of energy need large amount of devices, large surface of solar panels to produce, thus if you buy the guides for cheap still you will need lots of money to make sure that all your house needs are fulfilled.


Lifetime Premium Support
Lifetime Premium updates
DIY Solar Heater & Oven Guide


Among many systems and guides available, this is the perfect way to build your very own energy system. These systems are a low investment and are not built using thousands of dollars. This means that if you are building it at home you will not need materials worth thousands of dollars. You can easily choose the size of the solar panel or the wind turbine you are to build.
Using the DIY home energy systems can be great way to make sure that your electricity bills are less. To install such systems you need some guidance, of course, no one is able to install the system by himself or herself even though these are the DIY, do it yourself systems. Therefore, it is important that you download these guides to the DIY home energy solutions. People try to find the home energy solutions on the web and find these DIY energy reviews. This is when the find the DIY home energy. The DIY home energy works if the resources are there.
Here are a few reasons that you should get the DIY home energy.
It works: of course, many people have tried this, have been successful in developing home based energy systems, and have saved lots of money. Many people have built their own solar systems and wind turbines.
It helps you go green. Once you purchase the guide and the system is installed then it means you are going green and saving the environment too.
Cut the energy bills in half or eliminate them.
Well, at last fun to have something like this will enable you to practice and build your own system.
Buying these DIY home energy plans can help solve many of your problems.


Crowdfunding Sites Review

best crowdfunding sites

Crowdfunding Sites

When you do not want to take out a small loan but would like some extra cash for a variety of reasons, personal crowdfunding can be a viable option. With crowdfunding, donors contribute to your cause to help you reach your goal. It falls between peer-to-peer loans, which you repay with interest, and fundraising sites, where you do not offer any compensation. Personal crowdfunding is different from business crowdfunding in that you do not offer stocks or equity in a business as repayment.
For the purpose of this site, we define personal crowdfunding as raising funds that you do not repay but instead offer rewards to incentivize people to donate and to thank them for their contributions. Some of these sites include Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Tilt.

Personal Crowdfunding Sites: What to Look For

When choosing a crowdfunding platform to raise your funds, you should consider a few facets of the service. One major consideration is if the service specializes in a specific industry or limits the reasons for funding. Another consideration should be the process to receive funds, as some services are all-or-nothing, meaning you have to raise 100% of your goal if you want to collect any money, while others allow you to keep any funds you raise, though you may pay higher fees in those cases. Below are the criteria we looked at and are features to keep in mind when selecting a service:

Funding Industries

Many services have a specific focus for your crowdfunding campaigns. Some services focus on creative and artistic projects, some even more specifically music-related projects. One service offers a platform for scientists seeking funds for research. Other services have no limitations, so for things as various as medical bills, bucket list vacations and home improvements, you can create a campaign for any purpose of your choosing.


Crowdfunding services all work essentially the same way, though each varies slightly and may have different requirements. In general, you create a free campaign online that explains the reason you are seeking funding, your goal amount and any rewards or perks you may be offering. Depending on the way in which the specific service operates, your project stays online for a certain amount of time while donators take interest and contribute to your goal.

Fees & Receiving Funds

Every service we looked at charges a fee for providing the means of funding your campaign, which is typically around 5% of the money raised. For all-or-nothing campaigns, you will not pay a fee if you do not receive your funding. In other cases, you only pay on the percentage of funds you raise. Services also charge a payment-processing fee, although some services require you use a service such as PayPal, in which case that fee goes to PayPal instead and you withdraw your funds from the associated account. Other services use direct deposit and transfer funds to your bank account.
Personal crowdfunding can help you raise money for a variety of purposes. Friends, family and people interested in seeing you reach your goal contribute to your campaign, and in return, they receive updates, rewards or perks. By donating, they help you bring your project or dream to fruition

Crowdfunding Sites: Experiment, FundAnything, FunderHut, Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Patreon, PledgeMusic, Pozible, RocketHub, Tilt.

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugins

rich snippets

What is a Rich Snippet?

Rich Snippets can make your article stand out in the Google search results; it improves the visibility of your post largely and increases the click through rate.
If you review products on your blog regularly, Google rich snippets can be effective in bringing you extra traffic to those blog posts.
Rich snippet provides some extra information about the post making the user aware of the content type find out if that piece of content has the relevance to their search query or not.
In addition, it makes the post stand out visually with incorporated markups, which help to increase the click through rate for those posts.

Rich Snippet Solution for WordPress

If your site is on WordPress platform, there are some quality plugins to add rich snippets to your blog articles. You can install these plugin and get started with easily; these plugins will insert the necessary markups to show rich results in search engines.
These plugins will insert the necessary markups to show rich snippets in the search results, but they don’t guarantee if your post will show rich snippets because final call is taken by Google if they want to show it or not.

Schema Ninja

The rich snippet feature can undoubtedly increase the click through rate for your site, and the plugin like Schema Ninja will help you to get that done easily. You do not have to be a technical expert to show the star rating for your blog posts in Google results; this plugin will help you to get that done.
In fact, Schema Ninja is a lot more than just a simple rich snippet; it can help you can increase the engagement on your site along with the click-through rate. It offers you a number of different options to show recommended content while the visitor is on your site.
From normal content to discount coupons, you can recommend your users with valuable offers on your site so that they can avail the benefit and you earn some revenue.
As far as the rich snippet feature is concerned, it will add the required structured data markup for your site so that your post stand out the Google search result.
Most of the pro bloggers make thousands of dollar every month by doing product reviews on their blog; why should you stay behind. You can choose any of the affiliate product that can help you to make some money and write a detailed review and Schema Ninja plugin will take care of the rest by helping you to show start rating for your blog post.
Schema Ninja plugin is quick and easy to get started with; it comes with detailed documentation and great support in case you need any help.

All In One Rich Snippets

A top quality free WordPress plugin to add rich snippets to your blog. More than 30k downloads tell the success story of this plugin. If you are looking for a quality free option for your blog, you can try this plugin.
This plugin will provide all the important & precise information to display in search result snippets; it includes the entire common schema like the one photos, star ratings, price, author, etc. This plugin will help your blog to increase the click through rate and rank higher in search results.
Once you install this plugin, you will get a new option in the admin area called Rich Snippets where you can customize the plugin for further use.
You can configure each post while editing to insert more information for the search engines. As you start editing your page, you get the below editor screen where you can select if the post is about some product review or something else from the available drop down options.

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

It is a premium WordPress plugin, which comes for $11, and it looks and sounds quite interesting. With this plugin, you can set up your rich snippets code or just edit the pre-installed ones.
Supported snippets by this plugin are
Reviews and Ratings
Businesses and organizations

WP Review Pro

WP Review Pro is a nice option to create a product review site. This plugin is comprehensive and offers you some options regarding design as well as features. It is super flexible and comes with its powerful settings options panel to help you get started quickly.
This is one of the most widely used premium review plugins that works perfectly with any WordPress theme, and in case you come across any issue, the MyThemeShop is very quick in responding to your queries and make sure that your site functions quickly.
The rich snippet option is perfectly set to help you stand out in the Google search results. It comes with multiple rating and review system such as start rating, percentage, bar etc. Therefore, you can select the design that perfectly complements your product and your site.
You can also customize the look and feel of the review widget to make sure that it looks like a part of your site and blends perfectly with the color of your brand. Not only product review, it offers you user comment review option as well.
The plugin is very quick and fully responsive so that your review site looks great on all devices. You can use the widget or place it anywhere by using the shortcode provided by the plugin.

Rich Contact Widget

This is another free WordPress plugin to add rich snippets related to your contact details for search engines; it comes with microdata & microformats markup so that search engines can use it in their search results.
This is a great plugin for location-specific online business, it will provide your users an easy option to find out the address details in search results, and it shows details on the Google map page.

kk Star Ratings

kk Star Ratings is one of the best and widely used star rating plugins for WordPress, and it shows beautiful star rating in the Google search results that makes your blog post stand out.
It also provides you a widget that you can place in your sidebar to show your popular posts, which are top, rated on your site.

Google SEO Pressor for Rich Snippets

Another powerful and user-friendly rich snippet WordPress plugins, it offers you some snippets be it an event, music or normal reviews. A highly effective and comprehensive WordPress plugin will help you to get better ranking for your blog posts.
The snippets by this plugin will increase the click through rate of your blog posts that will eventually increase the revenue for your site.

WP Product Review

A comprehensive product review plugin for WordPress with rich snippet support. As an admin, you can make any post tag as a review post and insert the review related details and data that will make the blog post complete.
It is a highly customizable plugin that can be changed as per your requirement; you can edit the colors, enable or disable the affiliate button, change icons go on the plugin options page.

Testimonials Showcase

Testimonials Showcase is a modern WordPress plugin to add testimonials to your WordPress site. If you are running an eCommerce site on WordPress or you have any website to offer any service, the testimonial of your customer becomes very important.
This plugin brings in some useful features to help your users submit testimonial with ease; it comes with a front-end submission form, which can be used to submit testimonials. It also offers you star rating system for your testimonials with Google rich snippet compatibility.

Taqyeem WordPress Review Plugin

Taqyeem is a great looking very powerful WordPress review and rating plugin that is created to add modern review system to your WordPress site. With this plugin, you can easily add review and rating system to your WordPress posts, pages as well as custom post types.
This highly customizable WordPress plugin can be modified to change fonts, image, colors, and style to match your theme. It offers you 500+ Google font options, Typography options, Schema SEO Rich Snippet Review Microdata and lot more.

Recipe Box

Do you manage a food blog? If yes, this plugin will be very useful for you because it offers you some useful features that can take your food recipe site to the next level. Now, think of making a Google search for some recipe and your article stand out with the beautiful rich snippet, it will increase the click through rate.
This recipe plugin adds some important meta boxes, which are very useful for any food blog such as the Recipe Description, Recipe Image, Recipe Instruction, Ingredients and a few more.


Though there are some plugins for rich snippets, you need to be very selective because if any of the markups is not incorporated properly, you will not get the benefit.
Once everything is set properly, you can check in the Google’s testing tool if everything is working perfectly here Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

Fidelity Review

fidelity investments 401k

Platform and Tools

fidelity investment bankThe Fidelity online trading platform is laid out like a standard website, so it is intuitive and can be navigated easily by those new to the trading platform or even new to investment trading. The trade ticket is straightforward, and you can preview your order before finalizing the trade. When ordering options, you can choose from different strategies, including multi-leg, butterfly and condor.
You can choose from different investments, including stocks, options and mutual funds, or fixed income vehicles such as bonds, mortgage-backed securities and CDs. You can set up several types of IRAs as well, and the website provides helpful information and guidance on planning for retirement.
Because it is a static website, you are not able to customize the platform by adding and removing windows or even rearranging windows. You can minimize the windows to decrease clutter, however. You have the option of creating multiple watchlists that are sortable by price or volume. You can choose actions from the watchlist as well, such as setting an alert, starting a trade or jumping to reports about a security.
When researching within the platform, you have access to dozens of interactive analytic charts. You can draw trend lines, add technical indicators and mark certain events. You can adjust the date range to see as little as the past week or as much as 10 years. These reports can be exported as a spreadsheet or as an image.
Beyond the visual charts, the research page provides information about the security’s outlook, performance and comparisons against the company’s top competitors. You have direct links to articles about the company and important events concerning the company.
If you want to make trades on the go, there are mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. From the app, you can order trades, perform research and fund your investment accounts. A feature that makes this a great trading app for beginners is that the analytic charts are not trimmed down; you still have access to fully interactive charts.

Fees and Commissions

Fidelity has lowered its fees. Stock trades are now a flat $4.95, which is among the lowest of the online brokers we reviewed. The average person buying stocks online orders 17 trades per year, which works out to $84.15 for a year’s worth of trading with Fidelity. One potential drawback for beginners is that you must have a minimum balance of $2,500 to open an account, which is high relative to the other services we reviewed. Many of the best online stock trading brokers do not require a minimum at all.
Options have a $4.95 base rate plus $0.75 per contract. This works out to $11.45 for 10 contracts. If you need assistance when completing a trade, the fee for broker-assisted trades is $32.95, which is among the highest of the services we reviewed. The margin rate is average, ranging from 4.00 percent up to 8.825 percent.

Education and Resources

Fidelity’s learning center is well organized and easy to search, which makes it great if you are a beginning investor. It also offers retirement planning as one of its focuses. The website provides solid advice for planning big life events and large expenses. Its advice for beginning investors starts with the basics and the differences between growth and income investing to help you create a strategy. If you need assistance learning the platform or about specific investment types or strategies, you can go to the online learning center and filter the content by topic, type and skill level.
For in-depth information, you can participate in live online workshops, attend in-person seminars or speak to an advisor face-to-face at one of the local investment centers. You can contact customer service by email, phone and instant messaging.


Fidelity offers an online platform that is easy to use but still provides powerful research resources with over 60 interactive and customizable charts. Those charts are available on the mobile app, making it simple to perform research and order trades from your smartphone. Fees with this service are lower than the industry average, and if you are an average trader, your trading fees should be less than $150 a year. Fidelity is one of the best stockbrokers for traders of all experience levels.

Pros of Fidelity

The online platform is well organized, which makes it easy to order trades and conduct research.

Cons of Fidelity

A minimum investment of $2,500 is required to open an account.


This discount stock broker provides a solid online platform coupled with local branches for live events and in-person support, making it a top choice in online stock trading services.
Fidelity is a familiar and well-established online stock broker. In addition to being available online, it has local branches in most states, providing an opportunity to get in-person advice and investment counseling. It offers trades with competitive fees, an online searchable knowledgebase and its well-known retirement planning assistance. Its online stock trading software is very easy to use yet provides dozens of analytic charts and reports for in-depth research of securities.

Specifications and Benchmarks

Average Trader’s Yearly Cost $84.15
Online Stock Trades $4.95
Options Base Fee $4.95
Options Per Contract $0.65
10 Options Trades $11.45
Options Exercise & Assignment $7.95
Broker-Assisted Trade Fee $32.95
Margin Rates 8.825% – 4.00%
Minimum Investment $2,500
Platform Ease of Use A-
Mobile App Functionality A+
Option Strategies 12
Analytic Charts 63
Automated Trading Yes
Forecasting Yes
Risk-vs-Reward Yes
Investor Education A-
User Training B-
Simulated Trading Yes
Broker Support Yes


The Big Diabetes Lie Review

seven steps to health reviews

7 Steps To Health And The Big Diabetes Lie Review

7 steps to health reviewDiabetes has become a very common problem, Heath. There are two main types of origin diabetic type 1 diabetes in which the body does not produce insulin and type 2 in which the body does not produce enough insulin or the insulin that is produced does not work properly diabetes. Thousands of people are diagnosed with diabetes each year. 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie is the best program of the Diabetes created by Max Sidorov. It is a single holistic system covering a treatment plan for diabetes tested, and this plan can help users to prevent diabetes and completely treat your condition within a few days. This product is packed and completely natural product, without drugs and surgery so no secondary and security products very effects. The aim of this eBook is to help people with all types of diabetes improve their health and life.

What is The Big Diabetes Lie?

7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie is easy to use a guide, which strives to bring you the latest scientific discoveries and new methods of treatment of health in an easy to read and use format. This comprehensive program promotes change positive lifestyle diabetics through diet modification, regular exercise, and weight control. The book talks about certain foods that can cause or worsen diabetes. This program full of information that can help people improve their health dramatically and reverse type 2 diabetes permanently in just several weeks.
7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie will provide you with numerous natural and healthy ways to get your diabetes under control, without the need for drugs or medicine. From this program, you will learn ways to reduce the symptoms of diabetes as much as possible and eventually you will be able to eliminate and permanently.
The ICTM helps you take your health into your own hands by assembling scientific literature in easy to read and understand the health guidelines.
Tens of thousands of people around the world to alleviate their problems and regain their health have already used this program.
7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie about the variety of safer, cheaper and faster than other medications, injections or surgery to treat diabetes and beat your methods.
It will completely reverse diabetes, normalize blood sugar and were removed all medicines and injections.

Who is Max Sidorov?

Enter Max Sidorov and his new book, “7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie”. Before you pass it off as another crackpot health book, you may be interested in some of the solid science and study that is presented in the book. Sidorov studied kinesiology and is the founder of Golden Harvest Organics. His experience and interests also include writing about nutrition and fitness. After working with diabetics and completing some extensive research with his team of medical experts, he published the diabetic breakthrough in a book of over 500 pages.

How 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie Work?

7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie is for anyone who suffers from diabetes if you have been diagnosed or has lived with the disease for a long time. It helps increase your energy level and your body to operate normally. This program gives you lots of instruction and basic treatment for their health problems. The immune system is the greatest remedy against these health problems. This valuable program objective is to eliminate diabetes. This program has been helpful for millions of people around the world to combat and reverses diabetes effectively. The program is suitable for anyone of any age, regardless of any medical condition, disability. These approach forces changes in lifestyle and specific diet; you have to do to make this treatment more effective.

What Will You Learn From 7 Steps To Health And The Big Diabetes Lie?

You will learn what foods are best to eliminate diabetes and how you can naturally regulate blood sugar and boost your immune system.
7 Steps to Health And The Big Diabetes lie Program will educate you how to naturally and safely eliminate diabetes.
In this program, you will learn how to lose weight quickly and effectively, while finally getting the blood sugar level under control for good.
This program will give you clear step-by-step instructions on how to cure diabetes and what you do and do not cause the problem of diabetes.
Learn which foods and additives are causing thyroid imbalance and how it can easily improve your thyroid function by adding this mineral to their diet.
Using this program, you will learn how you can strengthen your immune system by changing some things in your diet.


Bonus 1: 7 Steps to Health Nutrition Guide7 steps to health
Bonus 2: The Secrets Of Antioxidants
Bonus 3: Miracle Of Sleep
Bonus 4: MSG and your Health
Bonus 5: Amazing Health From Water

Pros of 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie

It is a very simple way to deal with diabetes that can be done by anyone from home.
Easy to download and easy to use. This is very informative and useful product.
It is a healthy program to educate healthy eating and regular exercise is keeping your body fit and healthy.
7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie provides information not only about what foods to eat, but the portion sizes that are best for eating.
It is editable, feature-packed product that has and easy to use guide.
This manual is a perfect interactive guide for those who suffer from diabetes without end.

Cons of 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie

The only genuine problem I can point about 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie would be that the reduced cost offered by 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie is going to end soon.
7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie program does not guarantee overnight results and expect every participant to be completely dedicated to getting the desired results.


I am sure that you going to love this program with the amazing results you get! If you try to reverse diabetes naturally, or just to improve your health dramatically, then7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie can be a great option for you. This book will teach you everything you need to know about nutrition and diabetes diet. I recommend this eBook if you are struggling with diabetes. It is a comprehensive plan to reverse the problems associated with diabetes. With a 60 risk-free money back guarantee, you get to try the product. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the program, you can return it with no questions asked. It is risk-free you have nothing to expect your diabetes! Try it now.


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