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peloton app

Peloton Digital is an online workout program accessible to people of all ages and fitness abilities, making it one of the best online fitness programs for beginners through to people with more workout experience. Peloton might have one of the best exercise bikes around, but not everyone can spend $1,895 to get in shape. With the Peloton App and membership, we joined the brand’s popular, on-demand workout class cult for just $12.99 per month.
The Peloton App supports spin classes, and even running classes for Peloton’s own treadmill. However, the service also includes virtual yoga, high intensity interval training, stretching, strength training and more — and you often do not need any additional equipment to get your calorie burn on. It helps to own a smartwatch and compatible smart TV, though.
This Peloton App review lets you know what to expect when you enter this community of high-energy fitness junkies.

Price: $12.99/month
Language: English, German
App compatibility: Amazon Fire, Android, iOS, Roku
Daily live classes: +10
Total class selection: +1,000
Optional equipment: Yoga mat, free weights, treadmill, spin bike

Peloton App price

The Peloton App is free to download, but the membership costs $12.99 per month, plus tax. When you sign up, you will get the first 30 days of your membership free.

Before we launched Peloton App membership, we suspected the class selection would be no different from the dozens of workout programs we have tried. Peloton proved we wrong. Upon opening the app, not only did we see dozens of live classes scheduled each day, but we could search a catalog of thousands of past classes for playback, too.
Peloton offers 10 total workout class types: Strength, yoga, cardio, meditation, indoor running, outdoor running, cycling, stretching, bootcamp and walking. You can take streamed classes in each of these categories individually, or embark on multi-week, goal-oriented exercise programs. Peloton made it simple to mix up our activity, suggesting new classes based on ones we completed and rated.
One of the most appealing aspects of the Peloton App’s class selection is the duration options. Classes range in length from five to 60 minutes, meaning there is a guided way to get active no matter how much time you have. On most days that we worked out, we found myself taking a few 10 minute classes spanning arm intensives, core busters and HIIT, but also appreciated uninterrupted 45-minute yoga flows.
We struggled to accommodate live classes into our schedule, but we partially blame that on the limited options for non-bike-owning members. For comparison, there are about 10 live spin rides per day, but only one live meditation. We happen to love spin classes, so we might consider buying an affordable exercise bike to capitalize on the Peloton App.

Peloton App review

The Peloton App packs features designed to keep you motivated, whether you use it on your smartphone, tablet or smart TV. The Peloton app is available on Roku TV devices and Amazon Fire TV devices, which is great for getting working classes on a big screen.
Your Peloton profile features a calendar with your active days, exercise steaks and achieved milestones. Similar to Apple’s Fitness app badges, Peloton’s milestones add a bit of gamification to getting fit.
After you have completed a class, you can view your metrics from that workout like your heart rate and calories burned if you wore a compatible fitness tracker with ANT+ like the Apple Watch 6 or Garmin fenix 6. In addition, if your smartwatch integrates with Strava, like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 you can use Peloton’s Strava integration to track exercise data.
In ours experience, Apple Watch integration is a major perk of the Peloton Digital Membership. Not only did the Peloton app show live heart rate in a boxout on screen during class, but also it automatically tracked activity without needing to open the workout app. This convenience is something we going to consider when trying out other workout programs in the future.
In a month with the Peloton App, we found most of the appeal does not come from the quality of workouts or even the class selection. Instead, it is the sense of community that pushed us to stick with consistent activity. We find a virtual workout that maintains a true feeling of group fitness.
Peloton’s pack mentality shines through in a few places. First, there are the instructors. Each coach is clearly experienced and high-energy as they complete the workouts with you from a professional studio. In some classes, instructors will even shout out users who have recently reached class milestones.
Then there is the music. Before you start each class, you can review the playlist to see if there are tracks, you like. Classes are even labeled by genre, so you know what you are getting yourself into. We loved working out to familiar music, especially since the last workout program we tried relied on what could have been royalty-free beats.
Finally, there is activity sharing. While you can certainly choose to keep your progress and class history private, having a public profile lets other Peloton members follow your activity. You can also coordinate buying Peloton merch within the app, although we have not reached that tier of loyalty.

We once assumed Peloton was just a quarantine fad, but spending a month with this popular workout program made a believer. We impressed with the expansive library of workout classes, even if they make getting fit feel a little cultish. Still, Peloton doesn’t force you to drink its Kool Aid.
For $12.99 per month, the Peloton App and membership is a versatile way to get active. It’s what Apple Fitness Plus is trying to become, even if Apple’s take on holistic fitness only costs $9.99 per month. The class selection is stellar, although the live class schedule tries to guilt you into buying the Peloton Bike or Peloton Treadmill at times. It’s possible we’ll opt for a less expensive bike, and while it might not give us all the Peloton spin features, it might convince us to keep up with the membership even when (or if) in-person workout classes return to normal.

Endless class options
Automatic tracking for Apple Watch
Customizable experience
Some classes require additional equipment

Bottom line

The Peloton App and membership ($12.99/month) offers hundreds of workout classes that are interactive, yet intimate at the same time. Automatic activity tracking with compatible smartwatches is a bonus.

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