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Daily Burn Review – Things You Need to Know

black fire workout reviewsDaily Burn is a comprehensive online fitness service that offers extensive workout routines and diet plans. With this online exercise program, you get customized workout plans, exercise schedules and regular reminders from the application, as well as informative blogs on topics like staying hydrated, the effects of exercise on your brain and preventing muscle cramps. This approach to overall health and fitness, in conjunction with great customer support, makes Daily Burn our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner and one of the best online fitness services we reviewed.


Daily Burn starts you off by having you take a quick quiz to determine your exercise program, trainer and diet. The questionnaire only takes a few minutes and gets you started quickly. This online fitness program offers workout routines designed by the service itself, so you do not have to spend time creating your own schedule, trying to balance exercises that work each muscle group evenly. You can, however, watch any video exercise you want at any time, so you can do another workout in conjunction with your program if you want.
With Daily Burn, there are two different subscription levels: standard and premium. The premium service includes a personal coach who works with you one-on-one and offers personalized guidance. Other than this difference, the two tiers are virtually the same, offering unlimited access to videos and programs. You also get access to the helpful nutrition guides and numerous recipes on the site.
Inherent with the program is the ability to track your progress as you lose weight and get in shape. This may seem like a small feature to include, but having a definitive goal and seeing how far you’ve come is a great way to stay motivated and on track. As with most online fitness programs, such as iBodyFit, you can stream all of the videos on any device that has an internet connection, but you cannot download them. Daily Burn offers a companion app that brings the effectiveness of the online program to your smartphone, meaning you have access to workouts and programs at all times.


Daily Burn has a variety of different programs you can choose from, which makes it easy to find one that works for your needs and start getting fit. The service has programs designed for beginners who want to lose weight or tone their bodies, intense programs designed to build muscle and increase strength, alternative programs using Pilates and yoga, and so on. This online fitness service even includes a program designed to help expecting mothers stay healthy during pregnancy.
The best element of these programs is their flexibility. You can switch between programs or watch any video from any program at any time. This means you are not stuck with a program you hate or a routine that is not working for your body, as you can simply choose another program.

Support & Resources

One of the best things about this online personal trainer service is the fact that you can try the program for 30 days before you spend any money. This means you can try out a number of exercises and even a couple programs to see if you like it before you start paying for it. This is by far the longest trial period out of all the online fitness programs we reviewed. Daily Burn is also very easy to contact, so you can ask some serious questions about health and fitness and get prompt, thorough answers. In our evaluation process, it rarely took longer than 30 minutes for the company to respond to our emails, which is impressive and much appreciated.


Daily Burn offers a host of useful features to help you lose weight and improve your overall health. This fitness program combines numerous services, including nutritional guides and a companion app. The extensive library of exercise videos and workout programs ensures you can find a routine that works for your needs. Combine this with outstanding customer support from the company, and you have one of the best online fitness services we reviewed.

Pros of Daily Burn
With nutrition guides and recipes included with the service, Daily Burn takes a holistic approach to fitness and overall health.

Cons of Daily Burn
One-on-one personal trainers are available, but at a much higher price than the regular subscription.

Daily Burn is one of the best online fitness services we reviewed, as it takes multiple approaches to help you lose weight or stay in shape, with numerous workout programs and excellent support and resources.


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