Finding the Perfect Freelancer

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There are so many aspects to making money online that it becomes impossible to master them all.
SEO, copywriting, blogging, PPC, email marketing, sales, branding. Several entities make up a business that you cannot do alone.
At some point, you will realize that you need to hire a freelancer to do some of the work for you, and even that is a job within itself.
I freelance, hire freelancers all the time, and know it is not as simple as posting a job to grab yourself awesome employees.

Spend money to make money

When you post your first job ad on Upwork, Freelancer or any other online job site, within a few hours you will usually receive 20-30 applicants applying if you are looking for a freelance in almost any field.
You will see people charging from $3ph all the way to up to $50-$80ph. If you’re inexperienced in hiring, chances are you’re going to use the freelancer who’s offering the cheapest rate, or the one who seems most ‘cost effective’.
Freelancers are not vetted before they join freelance sites and just because they tell you they have written for certain blogs or created such-and-such website, does not necessarily mean its true.
The ones who charge the lowest rates often lie about their experience and the jobs they have worked to win your business.
If someone tells you that they have written for the Huffington Post but only charge $1 per 100 words, most likely they are lying.

Pay a premium for work done on ‘money points’

A money point is any aspect of a business that makes you money. These are landing pages that generates leads, sales pages, and an email that contains a call-to-action and anything that is pivotal to your sales funnel.
For example, if you need to hire someone to write a landing page where you are going to send $1,000 worth of paid traffic, you would want to make sure that page is well written and converts.
There is a greater likelihood of that happening by hiring a more experienced writer who charges $30ph than one who offers just $4-8ph.

Hire cheaper freelancers for simple tasks

Now let us say you need someone to embed some code on your website so you can show visitors a timed pop-up banner. It is a simple task and only requires a little bit of communication to tell the freelancer.
It is simple, easy to understand and can be outscored for as little as $5 or $100 and the result will be the same.
The simpler the task the less you should pay. Budget rate freelancers are often from non-English speaking countries such as India or Pakistan, where $5 goes a lot further. Giving these freelancers simple tasks is fine because they are easier to understand and there is little chance of miss-communication.
If you need to hire a freelancer for a more complicated task (website-rebuild), a landing page that needs to answer a prospect’s question or anything else that requires a lot of communication between you and the freelancer, hiring non-native freelancers will usually be troublesome as it’s very hard to get your message across via messaging or Skype call.
I have experienced several times where non-native freelancers told me they understood everything I have told them, and return work that does not meet any of my criteria.

The secret to hiring the best freelancers at cheap rates

There is a little secret in the freelance world that if you are a great freelancer, when you start up on any website to build up your reviews, you offer your work free or minuscule rates that it may as well be free.
For example, I have a friend who charges $55 per hour for all writing work but when he joined Upwork for the first time, he was offering work for as little as $3 per hour.
Why? Because he wanted to build up his profile with 5* reviews as fast as possible. He knew that undercharging was the way to do this. Freelancers (the good ones) are doing this all the time so within a few weeks they can go ahead and charge a higher fee for their work after having several 5* reviews on their profile.
You have to do a little more work finding these freelancers and perhaps post the same job 2-3 times over the course of a few weeks to find them, as they are rare to catch.
I’ll often give new freelancers a try who have no reviews if they can show me proof of work elsewhere as I know they just want a 5* review and the work will be awesome.


Do not be scared to spend money on hiring freelancers. Consider it an investment for your business that will most likely repay itself in no time. Have you hired freelancers before, what was your experience?

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