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Rocket German Review – Learn German With Rocket German

Learn GermanGerman is one of the popular languages learnt by several people across the world. German Language is getting more valuable these days and its importance is growing regularly. If you are comfortable with German, then the chances of increasing your working demand will be more and makes you well established. German and English are similar languages with many common words. Even the grammar characteristics are quite similar. If you are uncomfortable with English, then better learn it fast followed by German. It will be easy to grasp the words and learn quickly. When you are checking for German lessons online, you might have come across a program called Rocket Languages German. For those who are looking for the best way to learn German or German lessons online, Rocket languages German is one of the highly recommended options. Check out this Rocket German review to know about this course and decide if you wish to subscribe it or not.

What is Rocket German?

Rocket German is a simple software language tool from Rocket Languages that is designed to teach German in a detailed systematic manner. This German lessons online course comes with certain flash cards and audio games. Rocket German comes with full of options that may assist you learn German in a very less time. The program is incredibly easy to follow and perceive and the best part is you need not be a technical professional to use this course. Once you make the payment, within 30 minutes you will receive access to this course. It is definitely a worth trying program with every cent you invest in it.

What is included in Rocket German?

Once you order the program, you can use it online or download the full package to your personal computer. The package is compatible with all types of operating systems. The Rocket German lessons online program comes with different modules including
1.31 interactive audio lessons
2.31 Grammar sessions
3. Games related to audio, vocabulary and verbs
4. Online access to the program
5. Private membership forum access
Every module of this Rocket German online course comes with a short German dialogue that is explained during your rest of the training with this module. Initially, the learner learns some new German words and phrases repeatedly to keep them memorized. These words and phrases are prompted along with equivalent English words so the learners will be able to construct new sentences on their own. With this, there will be lots of improvement in German vocabulary.
The Rocket German program comes with continued learning process and consolidation. This approach will play a key role in constant learning and improving the knowledge to gain more confidence. It will be like a perfect revision and one can definitely benefit from it. Along with the regular training course, the Rocket German package comes with vocabulary building tools and more add-ons to track your progress and compare with other online learners. The voice comparison tool will test your speaking skills and provide you required suggestions to improve the vocabulary.

Pros of Rocket German

There are many positives about this course and several Rocket German reviews are in favor to the program. The tool is also available for download on your smart phones either through Google play store or through Apple App store. Here are the pros of Rocket German language.
Self-Learning: The entire program will go self-learning and can set your own pace. The flash cards and audio games will play a key role in memorizing German words. You can even take the support of its audio component to learn the language without always depending on your computer.
Effective course: Since, it is an online program, you can carry it wherever you go and perfectly suits when you travel. Those people who are searching for German for beginners, this might help well in providing them the complete basics.
Easy to Use: The instructions to use the Rocket German course are very clear. Both the offline and online course are quite to use and comes with required prompts. You do not need to be a technical professional to use this program. Even a beginner can easily follow the instructions and learn the language quickly.
Dedicated customer support: Though the entire Rocket German program is very easy to use and simple to follow, you can always contact the team for any other queries. You can contact them via email or through forum for assistance from the community. The team will help you with all your issues.
Quite Affordable: There are some mixed feelings with the price of the Rocket German language tool. Many are happy with this and mentioned that it is quite affordable when compared to other such German lessons online courses.
Fun filled learning: One can be fluent in their language skills only if they are well versed with their grammar skills. However, the process of learning grammar is a monotonous task. However, it is not a tough thing with Rocket German. All the grammar sessions are very user-friendly and highly interactive. With this, you will be able to learn and memorize things easily.
Interactive Course: MegaAudio, MegaVocab and MegaVerbs are additional tools that this Rocket German program uses to build up German vocabulary, verbs and phrases. Therefore, you will enjoy your German learning process with some interesting games to improve your conversational skills.
Teaching tools: Rocket German online course introduces every aspect with respect to training to help beginners and intermediate level learners. It comes with thorough 31 interactive audio lectures, 31 grammar instructive sessions, advanced teaching tools to support future learning process and games to keep the learning process engaged.
Advanced features: Other unique aspects of the Rocket German program are its interactive online forum where online German learners can share their experiences and a dedicated help center to solve all the issues in just 24 hours. There will be a complete exercise to the learners’ ears, eyes and fingertips. Along with the audio lessons that can be downloaded, the learners can draw cultural tips, grammar instructions, quizzes and flashcards.
Lifetime membership: Once you subscribe this program, you will receive a lifetime membership access to a Rocket German course. With this, you can use the program whenever you have certain doubts and clarify them. You can even have revision for a stronger basic German knowledge.
Access to private forum: After you become a member, you will get access to private membership forum. You can share your experiences with other German learners through this forum. If you have any issues, you can post here and get assistance from other users. At the same time, you can help others if they face any problems. Though the program is an online course, you will never feel that you are learning alone when you interact regularly with other German learns via this private membership forum.
A 6 day free trial: If you are still not sure about this Rocket German program, you have a chance to take advantage of its 6 day trial offer for absolutely free of cost. Once you are comfortable with this, you can go for actual purchase and enjoy its full benefits.

Cons of Rocket German

The best part of this Rocket German online lesson program is there are very few drawbacks. When compared to the benefits that it provides, these negatives are almost ignorable.
High Price: Some students felt that the price of this Rocket German course is a bit high, whereas others felt that it is affordable for those who are checking for German for beginners to learn the basics. For them, it is enough to learn German to manage their travel needs and speak with local German individuals.
Not 100 percent effective: The way the program is designed is full of fun and an effective way to learn German quickly. However, some Rocket German reviews state that it lacks proper writing and grammar skills. The way it teaches you to learn phrases is not that effective and many users are unhappy with the technique used to construct the sentences. Still, it is considered as the best program for those who are looking to learn German at a faster pace, especially while travelling.
No flexible access: Unfortunately, only audio files can be accessed without a computer, but the rest of the program is learning material has to be accessed only online. This is not flexible for all the users, especially in this modern era who wishes to carry their activities through smart phones and portable gadgets. The flash cards can be used only on their systems. It would be great if this opportunity to access them without a computer were available. Some Rocket German reviews mention that the training session is a bit time consuming. Though the entire program is designed for an eight-week period, students have to clear a minimum of 2 hours sessions daily.
Need to be self-determined: A lot of motivation is required to learn a foreign language with a substantial investment of your time. Since, there is no one to guide you or force you in learning the language. It is only you who need to be self-determined while learning this program so that, by the end of the course, you will be able to speak German as fluently as a native will.
Only for beginners: Many Rocket German reviews claim that the course is helpful if the learner is just a beginner or an intermediate level learner. However, people who are willing to become an expert, this might not help them in achieving what they expect.

Is it worthy of trying Rocket German?

It is quite difficult to learn German and especially when there is no proper instruction. Many students also complained that those German lessons online that seem to be simple and straightforward are very difficult to find. Especially those learners who are looking for German for beginners and do not have much time or resources to join a classroom language learning to program. There is a rising popularity of German lessons online, but there are some issues for many students to find the right one with all their necessary education tools. Therefore, it is definitely important to find the right course that caters to the required needs.
With Rocket German, you will able to test your skills and track the progress. You need to grasp what you are learning and the way you are improving on that. By this option to test your skills, you will improve your learning process more. Learn and check your skills with Rocket German skills tracking tool. Do not get afraid to know your mistakes, they will help you in improving well. Upgrades are also being designed for you to understand the newest updates of Rocket German. Rocket German takes care of you and keeps updated with the course with all such updates. Rocket German is busy with new ideas that build your learning easier. If you compare Rocket German online language learning to program with other such course available online, you may see that this is often the best course. Though there are several courses, which can promise you to find out German in just six months, it is considered as the highly recommended one by many Rocket German reviews.


Rocket German online lessons program is known for completing your learning to job effectively. Those students who are looking for a perfect online German language-learning program, they will be thrilled with the results given by Rocket German program. In spite of its very few drawbacks, Rocket German program helps every German learner to provide a personalized learning experience. It provides an opportunity to for the students to tailor their self-learning experience. The Rocket German online program will keep the learners enthusiastic about this learning and improve their German speaking skills in no time. The program is considered as a great value for the amount you invest. If you still have any doubts with the performance of this program, you can request for a 6-day trial offer. Know more about this course and improve your German language skills within no time.


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