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Old School New Body Review – Lose Weight With The Best Exercise Workout At Home.

f4x reviewTo be truthful, as one grows older it gets harder to keep off the extra pounds that are until Old School New Body step in the picture. This extra pound slowly creeps in before anybody knows it. Adding on extra weight exposes the person to health risks. Statistics show that obesity has become a problem anywhere in the world. For people who have obese parents there is a tendency to grow obese when they reach their senior years. However, there is still a way to prevent from suffering from the same fate. Generally, obesity happens when people eat and drink more than their body can burn. The body stores the extra fat and as a result, obesity sets in.
The tendency to be obese is not dependent on genetics alone. Since families tend to share the same lifestyle together, they tend to share the same eating habits and activities. Most people become obese, especially during middle age because of their inactive lifestyle. Most people do not understand how having breakfast helps them eat less during the rest of the day. There are different factors that cause obesity. Imbalanced diet that lacks in fruits and vegetables can give to the extra weight. Because of their hectic schedule people, tend to eat fast food meals that are sometimes more than what their body needs.
People who use to smoke often compensate by overeating to fight off their addiction. The truth is that they have only exchanged a bad habit with another one. Most people today do not get enough sleep. Lack of sleep and rest can affect hormones. The body compensates by craving for food high in calories and carbohydrates. There are certain medications that when one takes in, can lead to weight gain. One needs to compensate by following a certain diet or activity.

How Does old school new Body Works?

Old School New Body reviews show that this is a program that combines anti-aging and losing weight. Whoever conceptualized this idea has a brilliant mind. Old School New Body is a radical fitness and weight loss program that addresses the issues that most adults deal with. The husband and wife team of Steve Holman and his wife Becky is sharing the secret how they were able to transform their physical appearance by adopting a new approach. By the way, Steve Holman is the editor-in-chief of Iron Man magazine while Becky Holman is a lifestyle strategist. One cannot help but be impressed by how these couple of looks. They are a perfect advertisement for the product that they are selling. Some weight loss programs stress the need to lower the consumption of fats. Most of these programs, advice people to shift to a low-fat diet. According to Old School New Body reviews, does not promote this shift into a low-fat diet. The reason for this is that these facts are necessary for energy and regeneration of hormones that promote good health. Old School New Body program actually advice its followers to enjoy food without worrying over about the fats and stay in shape. The couple actually introduces a different kind of approach to exercising. They do not recommend running on treadmill. The authors do confirm the need to drink lots of fresh water. Drinking pure water actually is good for the body and skin. To keep the body properly hydrated and to keep it burning fat one has to drink at least 12 ounces of water. Drinking water actually helps to remove toxic substances and contributes to the keep the body youthful. According to the Old School New Body review there is no need to spend long hours at the gym to workout. The system is designed for people who only have a few minutes to spare.

Reasons Why People Gain Weight

Research shows that uncontrolled emotions are what drive people to overeat. If there is unexpressed anger, people tend to seek consolation by eating food as a form of comfort. People who sleep less tend to get their source of energy from food. Since they lack rest, they are easily stressed out. The program shows that there is a way out of stress eating. By exercising or listening to soft music, the body will relax. By putting, an effort to smile or laugh and combine this with positive mindset this can actually help to control overeating. Think of anything that can reduce stress like playing a game for instance, or watching a favorite movie. People who are depressed find solace in food. They slumped on the couch and remain inactive. Getting back to being active does help to lift this cloud of sadness. Physical activities are said to raise the levels of endorphins.old school new body user reviews Endorphins are responsible for compounds found in the brain that promotes a natural sense of well-being. Individuals who are happy can use food as a way to celebrate. If for when, eating in parties cannot be avoided learn to cut back eating the following day. Try to compensate by burning the amount of caloric intake. Not everybody knows this, but being bored can drive a person to smoke or overeat. For people who like raiding the refrigerator for something to eat, they had better shift their focus into something else other than food. Try to keep a list of things to do instead of eating. However, the program does not promote skipping meals. This program shows that one must recognize these triggers to overeating. Find ways to discover a good positive outlet for these emotions. Learn how to discover the cause of these negative emotions. Learn to eat food in moderation. One can fight off the battle with the bulge by eating regularly as a response to real hunger.

Pros of Old School New Body

Old School New Body review shares that the first thing that a person must do is to decide how many extra weight they carry by calculating their body mass index or BMI. Having a lower BMI mean that a person is healthy. Next, decide how much calories are needed to meet the energy needs. The amount of calories that one should spend per day is different for men and women. Since everyone is different from each other, each one needs a different caloric need. Those who vetoes the ideas presented by the Old School New Body program are those that do not understand how their system works. They simply do not understand that the authors are offering new methods of exercising while getting the best results. What makes this program work is that it does not concentrate only on counting calories and calculating BMIs. It suggests how one can control the emotions to avoid food cravings. People actually eat more when they feel stressed out. The program comes with extra bonuses like the F4X Quick Start Workout Guide, Secret to Burn Fat Faster, Build More Muscle Guide; Sex and Attraction Boosters and Anti-Aging Secrets Guide, Health & Happiness Tactics to Live the Good Life and last but not the least Five Top Notch Fitness Experts Audio Interviews from John Rowley. This training program has the main guide and five bonuses with it. The buy comes with 100% money back guarantee. It covers an eight-week trial period. It also comes with 60-day Money Back guarantee.

Cons of Old School New Body

Steve and Becky according to Old School New Body review are not prescribing the use of running on treadmill as a good form of exercise. Other health experts have always recommended running on treadmill. The suggested exercises are quite limited as if for instance, it does not recommend any extra cardio exercise sessions. How can spending 90 minutes a week produce these results?
The Old School New Body system is limited to only those who are in their middle 30s and above. How about those that are in their early 30s or below?


“Burn Fat Faster!”
How to use heat to speed fat burning
Why sleeping naked can improve leanness
What desert can help fire up your metabolism?
Nutrients and foods that can get you ripped

“Build More Muscle: Natural Anabolic!”
Best nutrient to power up your pump
The fruit that can jolt new muscle mass
Mineral to take before bed to boost growth hormone
Food that can increase testosterone

“Keep the Drive Alive: Sex and Attraction Boosters and Anti-Aging Secrets!”
Amazing wrinkle-reduction nutrients
Six keys to add years to your life
Herb that can increase hair growth
Secrets to deeper, revitalizing sleep
Specific activity that heightens her sex drive
How to make arousal soar with one touch
The lust-surging nutrient combo
An aphrodisiac vegetable and dessert
A herb that new studies confirm can increase muscle, sex drive and fat burning

“Live the Good Life: Health & Happiness Tactics!”
Six big keys to new happiness
A scent that can improve mood instantly
Nutrients and foods to relieve depression
How to release the feel-good hormone oxytocin


The right way to shed off those extra pounds and look younger is to follow the Old School New Body principles that the Holman’s have adapted. The key to weight gain prevention is to adjust food intake and to adapt a healthier lifestyle. Seldom is there a program that old school reviewattempts to suggest this unique weight loss and fitness program. Most guides usually are hard to follow. As a result, people start and immediately end it. The Old School New Body program is for those who are those who are above 35 years old or in their senior years. This program is not complicated and is easy to follow even for seniors.
Old School New Body is a one of a kind anti-aging and weight loss program rolled into one. There is really nothing to lose but plenty to gain by using this program. People should not be content about leading mediocre lives when it comes to health. This program is not just concern about the amount of weight that users can lose but is also concerned about addressing health issues. Those who are in their middle age are searching for the fountain of youth. The wait is over since Old School New Body is here.


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