Rocket Chinese Review

rocket chinese review

Rocket Chinese Review – Learn Mandarin Chinese With Rocket Chinese!

rocket languages reviewLearning a foreign language is definitely a challenging task unless you are equipped with the right guides. Even if you come across the right materials, most of them involves many time-consuming tasks like enrolling and expensive. If you are thinking to do a self-learning process, the chances of turning out to be tedious and expensive are high. For people who are looking for the best way to learn Chinese, there are many sources available to offer Chinese lessons online. However, the entire process is quite easy and no more a tedious task with Rocket Chinese. It is highly recommended by many Chinese learners and there are several Rocket Chinese reviews favorable to the course. Here is a detailed Rocket Chinese review to have a clear understanding about the Chinese lessons online course.

What is Rocket Chinese?

Rocket Chinese is a comprehensive online program packed with the aspects that are required to learn Chinese language effectively and speak like a native in a very limited time. It is an online program by Rocket Languages and considered as the best way to learn Chinese online by many internet users. It is not just a software, but also an interactive Chinese learning platform with a lot of multimedia resources and online tools to make sure proper learning and track your learning process. It is highly recommended by many users as the best home study learning course for learning Chinese Mandarin Language. The entire package is designed in such a way to involve all the human senses and speed up the process of learning Chinese. So that, you can read, speak and understand Chinese confidently and fluently in a very short span. All the techniques of this course are proven and practical. They are quite easy and fun to learn.

What is included in Rocket Chinese?

Rocket Chinese online language training course is specially designed for those who are keen to learn Mandarin Chinese and by the end of the course; they expect to speak the language fluently as a native.
More than 14 hours Interactive Audio Course: This is the primary section of this course and you can hear the recordings any several times. They include every aspect that is required to be part of Chinese living and community. There are many practical lessons that you can go through and find the repeatedly used sentences. You furthermore might get the transcripts of the conversations in order that you will be able to print it, review and sustain the lessons. It is terribly useful, particularly for a visual learning person who have an ability to learn things by watching and reading the content.
31 Grammar and Culture Lessons: This section has elaborate descriptive linguistics lessons and examples, valuable cultural notes, together with directions and explanations in writing Chinese, that doesn’t get to be as difficult as you’ll suppose.
MegaVocab software Learning Game: It is provided to help you learn and remember over 1000s Chinese words quick. This easy-to-use word recall game additionally comes in a simple version that enables you to play exploitation the characters that make-up classical Chinese writing. Another extra feature is that the MegaVocab Creator, that permits you to add your own further words and footage with ease.
MegaAudio software Learning Game: This software is provided to help you acknowledge the sound of thousands of Chinese words and phrases in an astonishingly short amount of your time.

How does Rocket Chinese work?

Along with different components, an assessment section has a self-assessment quiz tool. It is used to test your knowledge on any topic of your choice. At the end of the page, you will sell all the lessons and you can just check them to include them in your quiz. This is very helpful to self-assess or test yourself, especially when you are done with some part of your learning process. The badges section will keep track of all the points earned by you during various actions of the program. You will find a listing of achieving badges at the bottom of the program. It is definitely an addicting area and the one that boosts your interest. The private members forum can be accessible with a lifetime membership. This is where you can share your experiences and queries. Your fellow learners or other members of this forum will help you in clarifying your issues. You can even check your knowledge by providing valid answers to others queries. This forum will make you feel that you are not learning Chinese chinese course
With an intention to offer a perfect program for those who have restricted time to invest in learning a language, Rocket Languages has come with a perfect program. It is intended to be fun and recreational yet, perfectly fitting into your busy schedule. This ensures you do not wish you are effort work solely to travel to figure again. Rocket Chinese is a multi-platform compatible that permits you to learn the language online from your computer. You can transfer the audio lesson to your portable device. They can be downloaded in MP3 format to carry in your MP3 players wherever you go. With this, you can learn the course, even while travelling or doing any other activity.

Pros of Rocket Chinese.

The Rocket Chinese program comes with many unique features and each of them caters to all your Chinese learning requirements. The positives of this program made it a highly effective online course for those people who are looking for the best way to learn Chinese. Here are the pros of Rocket Chinese online training program.
Easy to Use: The entire program is designed in such a way that every person can easily use and follow the instructions for a better learning experience. The program is divided into 5 components that are capable enough to take care of all the Chinese learning requirements.
Fun-filled learning: Having a great knowledge on grammar improves your ability to speak the language fluently. With Rocket Chinese, learning grammar is no more a boring task. The grammar sessions are full of fun and highly interactive. You will definitely enjoy learning grammar and at the end, you will be able to speak Chinese more effectively.
Complete online access: Once you become the member of this Rocket Chinese online language-training program, you will receive an access to Private member forum. This forum includes native speakers, Chinese teachers, and fellow learners. You can get access to this forum any time and can share your experiences with other members of this forum. Whenever you have any query about the program or language, you can post it here to get a perfect solution. You can have a regular interaction with your fellow learners and at the same time, answer to others issues. With this, you will not feel bored or have a feeling that you are learning the language alone.
Cost Effective: Most people say that this comprehensive program is definitely an affordable one to give a try. When compared to other Chinese lessons online courses, this is the best way to learn Chinese at an affordable price. It is also an ideal choice when compared to offline or classroom training programs, where you need to invest most of your time and even money.Rocket Chinese customer reviews
Bonus programs: Along with regular training course, the package comes with special bonuses free of cost. By going through these bonus programs, you will be able to improve your Chinese speaking skills more.
Flexible to use: Since, Rocket Chinese is an online training program; all you need to do is access the program over the internet. It is up to you to go through the tutorials based on your convenience. This is completely opposite to the classroom-based training, where you need to attend the lectures as per a fixed schedule.
Interesting Language as well as Culture Lessons: You cannot speak any language if you do not realize it, therefore Rocket Chinese provides certain cultural lessons to help users higher perceive the Chinese language and speak well with lots of confidence. These lessons can help users travel in Chinese speaking countries easily and along with high confidence levels. By looking at the videos, users will higher perceive a way to read and write this Chinese and increase their knowledge and understanding levels of the language. It is not just helping you in learning how to speak Chinese, it also teaches you how to read and write as well.
Great Value for the money: Many Rocket Chinese reviews said the course is worth value of money you invested in it. There are different plans in this program and you can choose the best one based on your first knowledge on the language.
A 6-day trial offer: If you are still not clear about the course and wishing to try the course, you can ask for a 6-day trial offer.
A 60-day money back guarantee: In case, if you are not satisfied with the program, you can ask for this offer and get your amount refunded into your account. Remember, you can claim this offer if the purchase date is within the 60 day period.

Cons of Rocket Chinese.

Apart from a huge list of pros, there are certain disadvantages with this Rocket Chinese program. Some learners faced certain issues because other faced different one. Here are the primary drawbacks that people expected but not found in the Rocket Chinese online training course.
Need to be self-determined: The entire learning process depends on your zeal and enthusiasm. It is perfect for Chinese learning enthusiasts who are capable enough to continue the course until the end with the utmost zeal. Since, there is no one to guide or warn you, it is up to you to learn the language. In such situations, people usually tend to be slow and that affects the learning pace.
Heavy promotion: The Rocket Chinese product is so heavily promoted and that makes people feel that this program is very easy to follow and learn a language quickly. It is not the case and your self-determination and hard work are definitely needed to learn Chinese fluently.

Is it worth trying this course?

In spite of minor drawbacks, the entire Rocket Chinese program has the best way to teach Chinese online and even quickly. It is definitely a worth trying program and can be downloaded instantly with just a single click. Along with the trial course, you will receive Vocab builder series and other offers and promotions. None of the other Chinese lesson online program is as effective as Rocket Chinese. It ought to work a rough guideline once attempting to consider a way to learn Chinese in an exceedingly fun and non-traditional approach. You can produce your deck of flash cards that comes along with the course and use them to help you learn new words. It makes vocabulary acquisition simply that rather more fun, associated it is an implausible economical approach of learning new words. With all these added benefits and many positive Rocket Chinese reviews, it can be concluded that it is a worth trying program. For any doubts, one can avail a 6-day free trial offer and have a personal experience with the course. In addition, since it comes with limited time 60 days money back warranty, there is nothing risk involved in purchasing this Rocket Chinese.


Rocket Languages provides a complete Chinese Mandarin language and cultural learning ability, capable of getting you ready for a brief vacation, extended travel ability, or work placement. The program is participating and creative, drawing upon a multi-faceted approach to learning and not the superannuated image recall and repetition techniques employed by different market competitors. The utilization of certificates to reward progress may be an abundant welcome pat on the rear and nice motivation attention. Order you trial pack today and get an instant access to the course. Check it and if you feel that you are comfortable with the trial, enjoy the premium version to speak as a native Chinese person.


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