The Tao of Badass review

tao of badass book

The Tao of Badass review.

the-tao-of-badass-systemThe Tao System of badass book is often known as The Tao of Badass pdf published by Joshua Pellicer. This I write reveal authentic review about it dating course that reveals the strategies of the bestselling guide. Joshua Pellicer, the writer and creator of the amazing seduction way is a global famous dating coach. Here in the following information author teaches seduction techniques to men. Within this honest Tao of Badass review, you’ll find why this book is preferred among men and why you ought to buy.
When reading this Review, you will quickly see that there is an incredible useful more knowledge about all aspects of a lot more important women. I have faith that something else entirely work for differing people when learning to make success with women.

Joshua Pellicer

Ever thought about why some guys hook up with almost any woman they need although some don’t go past the first conversation? You could be a friend of Joshua Pellicer. He has made a reputation for himself inside the dating arena over the past four years, but he or she is mostly famous for his dating guide that is ideal for men. The guide is so popular it’s changed into a whole dating company The Tao of Badass Inc.
Today, Joshua Pellicer is really a force to reckon with regards to dating and approaching women. He has been hosted on many Television and radio shows and has also worked as a consultant for the cosmetics company.
Before becoming popular, Joshua Pellicer was just a common Floridian. He soon started dating at the age of 17 but simply like most men at that age, his relationship would have been a huge failure. However, it was around the premise with this failure that Joshua Pellicer started taking interest into the way the female psyche works in terms of dating is concerned. Over time of research and real-life experimentation, Joshua was a professional dating coach and pick-up artist.

Methods used by Joshua Pellicer

Joshua Pellicer applies a unique method of dating and attracting women, summarized in the bestselling dating guide. Joshua Pellicer advocates the following ideas when approaching women: Originality when they talk with women. Simply put, you’ll need to be what you are. Create humor. If you fail to come up with a girl laugh, chances are you will not likely go far with her. Be mysterious. Although you may have to show specific things about your life to her, its smart to help keep a lot of things to yourself. Discover ways to talk with girls. Women tend to be social beings than men and they love to be around people who discover how to talk.

Who can use The Tao of Badass

This ebook is good for any decent man who would like to learn how to truly draw a person’s eye of women and grow to be better at dating with the hottest chicks. Everyone knows men and women think differently and as men, we actually don’t have clue what they’re thinking. This informative guide might help those men who want to attract women and try to learn how women think, to enable them to contact the contrary gender easily.The Tao of Badass can also be worthwhile for all those gentlemen that are already in a relationship, but are generally not getting what they wish out of their woman. As like Joshua Pellicer’s formative years, guys who are young try to begin their love life but get frustrated as a result of frequent rejection. The program can enable them to fix their problem and help them to attract beautiful girls.

What it’s The Tao of Badass?

The program is really a package of your e-book, videos and various audio tips. You can also get direct coaching from the author, however, this choices much costly. This dating pdf e-book has 152 pages and is divided into 10 modules.Within the guide, the first 10 pages introduce this course and the last several pages are used the-tao-of-badassfor concluding. Between the introduction and conclusion part there are many important modules including:
The Gender Roles
Understanding Confidence
The Approach
Testing Time For You
The Tao System
Reading Body Language
Creating Love
The Big Mistakes Men Make
I gives you a quick look at this dating course. I gives you an index of each module without digging an excessive amount of into details.


This module, unsurprisingly, is surely an opening towards the course. It is short, appropriately, and clarifies the way a guy gets a full badass with hot chicks and the way to use this guide.

Understanding Gender Roles

This module defines the link between seduction and the importance of gender roles. Here the article author reveals the basic cause why a gorgeous woman likes to get a sensible, decisive, and highly confident boyfriend.Josh commences with the concept that the Darwinian Notion of “survival with the fittest” is outdated in modern times.

Understanding Confidence

This module shows you the best way to develop your confidence that most of women truly admire. Here you will learn the in-depth process to develop your confidence to high levels so that you are able to take care of any situation. Quite often when guys approach women they get rejected before they even be able show them themselves. This is due to themselves language and a lot of variables… if you want every detail you have to go in this chapter and browse about this. In this chapter additionally, you will learn many things you do not want to do.

The Approach

Here’s the place where the author explains the troubles men face once they connect with a stranger and attempt to build attraction. The approach chapter teaches guys how do away with their rejection fear. This “How to approach” module allows you to learn how to do from the proper time along with what to refrain from doing in front of hot chicks.
This might be one of the biggest ones that most guys wanna find out more on how to approach women because most men have what’s called approach mechanism.This shows you what the right way is and ways to overcome those approach anxieties because that’s probably what’s stopping guys right where they are.It shares some awesome techniques about how to approach women without so that it is seem like it’s destined to be such something useful and becoming nervous. Josh Pellicer helps you with a very cool way you can do it that is dependant on the confidence belief system.

Testing Time For You

Quality module will be the shortest module within this guide with just 6 pages. Whenever you try to impress a woman, she is going to test you regularly that is certainly predictable. These exams are a subconscious system and usually the woman just isn’t aware this. Folks who wants pass those tests, as there are a huge chance that you’re going to fail to impress her.
This chapter is all about tests. Different groups of testing like compliance and congruence and ways to find and handle it.

The Tao System

This module is pretty lengthy. A full twenty-eight pages is dedicated to the seduction system. Here in this module you will learn the real tested methods of seduction. This module consists of all the tips, techniques and strategies you need to learn to become a seduction king.

Reading Body Language

The seventh module of this course is body language. This is another pretty lengthy module of the program with over 25 pages dedicated to body language. According to the writer, the capacity to read a woman’s body language is one of the main aspects of good communication. Here the writer provides the top 10 signals of attraction and how it draws the attraction of women subconsciously.
Josh talks about several different signals that you can pick up.Josh also talks about something called triangulation which is where you can tell when a girl want you to kisser and based on eyes and mouth… the details are all in the e-book.

Creating Love

The eighth module is all about creating love. This is the most important part of this dating course. This module is dedicated to teaching both men and women how to create the emotional attraction and make sure happier dating life.
This is pretty crazy and that’s why this book is so controversial.

The biggest mistakes man can make.

Module nine of this course focuses on the biggest mistakes a man can make. Here the author explains the top ten major mistakes men make with women and how to stay away from these mistakes, because even just one of these can ruin your chances of winning the heart of the woman you wish.
This chapter is dedicated to common mistakes that Josh observed. He calls those mistakes “show-stopping mistakes” because if you make even one of those mistakes you will ruin the entire interaction.


I think that this is a really good book,it`s not a psychological bs, it’s very fun to read and there’s helpful information.You are getting something that’s just plain common sense.You are getting cool techniques and then you know once you start to pick up on these things, when you see in your everyday life just with all the people who you interact with you know, you really start to realize that this is really gonna work. The thing is that you’ll never see people the same way after you read this book.
This is the last module of this awesome course. Here you will get a kick ass conclusion.

What’s in the audio files?

The commentary MP3s of Joshua reading through the guide are great. I found this better than reading the manual on its own as Joshua will add extra tidbits of info throughout his commentary.
The subliminal MP3s are designed for you to listen in the background – don’t listen to them consciously. They contain special audio tracks to boost your confidence with women and help you break out of your shell.

Member area

After logging into the secure official website, you start initially by watching the greeting message from the author, you then download the pdf and begin studying. There is also an entire body language mastery instruction video and audio formats of this guide which works well for those who want to learn body language fast.
You should start initially by seeing the welcome video clip information from Joshua, then download the e-book and begin studying.
There are various tools existing in the program client’s area that will help you with coaching. There are a lot of video lessons which make the learning process less complicated for those who love to learn watching video clips and not reading.
You will find that this pdf ebook is also available in audio format. If you are one of those who don’t like to read the entire 152 page e-book, you might just prefer to hear the audio files. The official forum is also an excellent resource to get started.

Pros of The Tao of Badass

There are a few positive points that I would like to mention about this guide. In the introduction part, some people’s names were mentioned as happy subscribers, so I decided to investigate to see if these people are real and after investigation, it seems that these men are real, so this true feedback gives credibility to this dating guide.
This guide presents samples of the various gender roles man play and how we bring the right and wrong person into our lives. All the tips and techniques described in this course are properly presented, nicely penned and really very rich in resources on this topic. This guide will teach us what all women are attracted to and what they try to find in man. The most enlightening part of this guide is that reveals some very well know words we constantly use that stops our progress. Yow will also get the author’s Master-Class Job interview Collection as a bonus.
The program is much more than just a simple pdf book. It comes with videos, direct coaching from a world leading dating expert, a new members’ area where you can see other members that live in your area and even more, you can get the program book in audio format as well.
The audio commentary is fantastic, and I think I got the most out of the system from it. I could listen to it on my iPod on the way to work, and maybe even try some things out there and then.
With this awesome guide you will also get six bonuses, including the online video Human Body Language Mastery, along with three free bonus books.
The various videos are also excellent, particularly the Body Language Mastery series. These contain some great information that most guys simply don’t know about. Once you do know, however, you’ll wonder how you got by without it.
Joshua’s commonsense approach is very refreshing. To be honest, I was a little put off by the “badass” tag. However, Joshua gives you an overall blueprint of how to be a real man, and that doesn’t mean you’re a self-centred jerk. Quite the opposite – a badass is a guy who knows how to do everything right.

Cons of The Tao of Badass

The text block of this e-book is large, if the text block of this guide was scaled down to a smaller size, then it might lot simpler to read through. I think some people will think it’s little high priced compared to other dating guides available on the net. Also, the up sells of this products were rather high after already having to pay sixty-seven USA dollars. The official website is bit on the slow side in advanced browsers like Google, Chrome and Firefox. Also this book is only available in e-book format, no hard copy is available.

Does this program offer customer support to the members?

The client support section in the members’ area is where expert client support staff are always ready to serve you. Also, the company of this product provides a cell phone number for members to contact them with any issues or concerns. There is also an email support system for members.


The entire guide price starts off at $67.00 with 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee. It will cost much higher with up sells, which means more cost for more access to other learning resources if you decide to buy it. I’ve found it go as far as $320. The basic price is going to be $67.00 plus tax, determined by where you from.


Joshua Pellicer’s dating guide scores extremely well on teaching seduction tips and technique. In my opinion, it is overall a good course for the money, but the price of this e-book is little high for all those who are serious about acquiring this guide. My overall ranking on this dating guide is 9.5 out of 10 and I am quite sure that the positive points of this dating guide definitely outrank some other negative points.The-Tao-Of-Badass-Review
So now you have read the review and got some idea what the product is about. In the above part of this the program review, you will have noticed positive points and some negative points about this coaching program. So you may think should you buy the course? I suggest that this course is definitely worth checking out for the professionalism and ability that is shown throughout the course. Also, the overall value of the system could easily cost 5 times more than what is being charged.
You can buy the Tao of Badass pdf and leave your personal feedback or experience with this course. If you have any queries, please feel free to leave them below. I would love to hear your response about this guide.



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