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The Ex Factor Guide Review – Does Brad Browning’s Ex Factor Really Work?

brad browning ex factorAre you at lost about what to do with your love life? Are you in the midst of grieving about the loss of your love? How do you cope up with this grief? Yes, this is indeed one of the gut-wrenching experiences that can drive you over the edge. Do you feel as if something that you value was taken away from you? Are you losing sleep agonizing with the “could-have-been or what ifs”? You can only wonder up to when you will be able to stand the pain. You will definitely feel bewildered and shaken to your core. Do you want your ex back? Are you interested to know about the Ex Factor Guide book that can help you how to do this?
The Ex Factor Guide teaches you that you do not have to remain in pain for longer that you should. The words written on this guide will lead you a period of recovery and renewed interest towards your ex and vice versa. With the use of the techniques given on this book, you will be able to go out on a first date with him or her again. This is something that you could never picture to happen but it does and it is happening right before your very eyes. You will be impressed with much of the content especially if you like listening to audio book while driving a car or exercising.

How Does It Work?

The Ex Factor Guide allows you to choose which of the guide you need. If you are a man who wants to get your girlfriend back then you can choose this. There is also a guide specifically for the women only. The Ex Factor Guide review says that this eBook is a comprehensive guide that is written on the subject of how to get your ex back. It simply leaves no stone unturned. In the book, the author discusses each kind of situation that will cover all kinds of topic that can address a specific issue that you are facing. Even if this book looks at first glance as a general guide it is far different from this. You will learn something useful from this guide. Real couples test these techniques before they were release to the public to help people like you.the ex factor guide complete program
The Ex Factor Guide reviews contain answers to your most commonly asked questions. This will lead you how to make the necessary changes in your life to get back together with your ex-lover or spouse. Some of the questions are about what are the attractive or unattractive traits that you find in your ex. This guide will teach you how to deal with your pain and how to heal from this pain so that you can learn to love again instead of allowing the pain and anger to overwhelm you.
You will learn when it is time to contact your ex. You will also know what to do just in case it is time to see you again. You will know how to take control of your situation and begin dating your ex again. By the time that you start dating your ex again, you will know how to behave. It will be like the first time that you fell in love with your ex. You will remember the good times. You will learn to forgive and forget in order to move on with this new episode in your love affair the second time around.
You will know when to seduce and woe your ex back. You will know how to read you are ex body language and the other signs that are being send your way. You will learn about the exact words that can win them to your side. Later on, you will know how to maintain a healthy and thriving relationship. This time it will be different because you have realized your mistakes from the first time. From these mistakes, you will be able to work on the new foundation for a better and stronger relationship with the love of your life.

What is in it?

The Ex Factor Guide includes a 220-page PDF eBook, a 5-hour audio book, and three Pro Series videos. Whether you are a man or a woman, you will both get the same bonus that deals about this topic: seven Steps to Sex Appeal eBook. The women will get this other bonus: Text the Love Back whereas the guys will get the book regarding 10 Commandments of Sexual Attraction. You can also try this book about The Relationship Repair VIP Membership, which you can try out for 30 days. Once the 30 days are over you need to pay an additional $47.
According to the Ex Factor Guide reviews compared to other get your Ex Back programs out there the advice that you will get from this program is said to be much better than any advice that you will received from your friends and family even if they mean well. Brad Browning who is by the way the author of this eBook covers a wide range of specific areas that deals thoroughly about how to win your ex back. You can also try out the optional offer, which is about the VIP Membership that entitles you to the Relationship Repair VIP Membership.


There is a set of three videos included that run for a total of seventeen and a half minutes. They are PowerPoint presentations by a guy called Ricky, who is Brad’s assistant. He runs you through a Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) exercise in each video, designed to help you get over your ex. They are basic and Ricky’s skills seem pretty average compared to other dating coaches who teach NLP techniques.
One thing he does is tells you not to picture your ex-girlfriend right before he leads you through a visualization technique. One of the most well known principles of NLP is that whatever you tell people not to think of, that is exactly what they will picture, as our minds cannot comprehend the directive without doing so. Therefore, it is an ineffective way to instruct someone for the exercise.ex factor book
There is a bonus booklet called 10 Commandments of Sexual Attraction by Derek Lamont. It is a brief overview of some of the well-known principles in the dating industry for creating attraction. There is nothing new here and it is lacking enough depth and explanation to be useful for anyone who has not heard these ideas before.
There is a lack of examples and even a poor example given. One of the points is on showing that you come from a place of abundance, and he gives an example of how you should rephrase a statement to show that you have a nice car without seeming to brag about it. However, the way he says it should be done correctly is almost as bad as the incorrect example, and shows he either doesn’t understand the idea very well or was too lazy to come up with a better example. Overall, this book has little value.
The final bonus is a booklet by Mark Belmont called Seven Steps to Sex Appeal and contains tips for style and grooming. It has some decent basic knowledge, but without much depth or any useful pictures, it is hard to be used as a proper guide.

Pros of The Ex Factor Guide

The Ex Factor Guide a review reveals that even if your ex says that your relationship is over is it really over? Loving someone cannot be turn on and off the quick. One of the signs that you ex is not over you is the simple fact that they are still attracted to you. Even if the feelings of attraction has somewhat subsided the emotions are still there. All that you need to do is to speak to your Ex subconscious side to make them remember you and the feelings that they have for you. You simply have to know which buttons to push to produce this reaction. You will be surprise when your lover bangs on your door and into your room just to spend a romantic night with you. There is also a chance that they would like to stay the day after.
Another valid reason why your Ex is not over you is that you share memories together. These memories cannot be wiped out in an instant unless your lover has amnesia. The Ex Factor Guide reminds you that you have both share your experiences together whether these are good or bad. There is undeniable connection between the two of you that started the relationship in the first place. All that you have to do is to trigger these hidden emotions to make them resurface again in your favor. You actually have a head start even if your ex is starting to see someone else. The Ex Factor Guide review advices you to take advantage of this.
Another edge that you have over your competition is that you were in a comfortable level with your ex even before you parted ways. You both know each other on many levels. If you are, still be in the dark on why your ex-lover left you then the Ex Factor Guide review will help you understand the valid reasons why your ex abandoned you. Instead of spending time wondering just what went wrong, you can do the opposite and discover how to make it right. If it is your goal to renew your relationship you are doing it the right way by reading some of the Ex Factor Guide review just to have a good idea. This time you will be able to find a common ground that will establish a value system that you can both uphold since this would be the foundation of your future and your future family together.

Cons of The Ex Factor Guide

The Ex Factor Guide reviews notes that the video series could have been longer. However, on the same note the comments say that making longer videos could bore some people who do not like long presentations. There are some limitations about the methods of paying for this eBook download. You can only pay through PayPal or by the use of your credit cards. Other concerns are about the question whether majority of these relationships can really be saved? The author claims that it works on a large percentage of couples that is if they learn to apply the principles found on this book. For those who have not really love their partner the first time around it would be hard to believe that this time they can make it work.


The author of Ex Factor Guide claims that there are about 90% of relationship that could have been save if only they know about the techniques found on this book. He was completely honestly stating his observation based on the results from his sessions with couples that he has helped with the helped of the techniques found on this book. If you dare to take on this challenge of trying out this guide, soon enough this will guarantee that your ex will beg to be given a second chance with you.


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