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Crack the Girl Code Review – How To Build Attraction With Women Instantly

girl codeIs it possible to be the good guy and still use techniques that will capture the girl? Crack the Girl Code is a book authored by relationship coach and bestselling author Marni Kinrys. Another relationship expert Michael Fiore endorses the book. This eBook is not the usual “seduce the girl” type of guide. It is straightforward and does not include the so called “pick-up lines” that man use to hook the women.

What’s Inside?

The Crack the Girl Code eBook is divided into three short modules. Module 1 helps a man rediscover his best assets. It is a journey into self-discovery. This is what makes the remaining modules of this bookwork. The module contains easy to follow exercises. The next module discusses what makes women tick. It is a guide in deeper understanding of the female psyche. Module 3 shows practical techniques to motivate women to date. The surprising thing is that it will work with girls that are said to be “hard to reach” types. These are the so-called dream girls. The last module talks about the right approach from the very beginning.girl crack
Not all guys know how to crack the girl code. Most of the secret girl code review says that women tend to divulge their innermost secrets to other women. First, they feel safe. The average guy finds it hard to make woman find them irresistible. This program actually gives guys the power over woman. By using the techniques given in the program he will avoid rejection and surprisingly for the first time in his life he will get be given the attention that he craves for coming from the woman that he likes.
The truth is that woman thinks differently than man. There lies the problem because men think they think the same way. Thanks to this program, there is a way to correct this wrong perception. Clueless guys usually end up in the friend zone. The guys will learn proven and tested formulas about how to draw out the emotional desire of woman and how to physically attract them. By the way, this has nothing to do with having perfectly good looks. It has to do with establishing proper eye contact and other tips and tricks that are all included in the program.

What Is Crack the Girl Code

Crack The Girl Code is for those who want to learn about proven techniques that can be used effectively to attract women. A cheesy pick-up line is not part of the overall principle that makes it work. This program offers easy to follow instructions with step-by-step videos. It helpfully incorporates exercises that will increase the confidence of the guy practicing the techniques mentioned by the authors. It is good value for money.
Crack the Girl Code is not for those who are looking for cheaper way to seduce a woman through the common seduction games that men play. This is not for those who are after one-night stands only or short-term relationships. It is a guide that will teach a man how to keep relationships work by finding the girl to have it with. It builds on establishing relationship that is more meaningful. This is also not for those guys who think that this product pushes a magic formula that will lure the women towards them.

Sample Techniques to crack the girl code

Here is a glimpse on what the program is all about. Any man would want to know how to make woman think about a man repeatedly. Simply put, the program teaches the man to leave good impression. This technique is known as “How to Drop a Desire Bomb”. How does one get out from friend only zone to boyfriend or lover zone? The” Escape Velocity Trick” will teach him how to do this.
One of the puzzling questions in a guy’s mind is how to connect with a woman in a deeper emotional level. This technique is connected to building up the thought that the guy is the girls’ dream man. This is also connected to the topic that speaks about allowing the girl to see the guy through color lenses. The surprising thing about this technique is that there is no need to look like a dreamboat to do so. A guy can be bald, old, and fat and yet he can win the girl.crack the code
A coaching technique on how to use the right tone of voice is included in the techniques. This is what is referred to as vocal seduction. It is surprising that by using the right tone of voice, the guy can actually make a woman feel loved. It also mentions the universal signals that woman give to let the guys know that they are into him. Another topic discuss in the program is about how to be a good conversationalist without running out of things to say. Even if the program only contains three modules, it is packed with the complete tool that will help man capture his dream girl.


How To Avoid The Friend Zone
The Sexual Escalation Formula
My First Ever One Night Stand
Simple Seduction Checklist
The Connection Factor

Pros of Crack the Girl Code

This guide is different because it was made by a woman teaching men how to understand her kind. It is created by an expert on dating and another well-known best-selling author in the field of relationships and dating. This comprehensive guide offers superb value even if the product only covers three modules. It also comes with useful bonuses that men can use like how to avoid being categorize as just a friend, how to connect effectively with women and a video that talks about “My First Ever One Night Stand” video.
This product is much cheaper than paying a consultation session with a relationship expert. To prove that it works, the product is offered with automatic full money back guarantee within 60 days. The customer support team for this product is courteous and will respond within 24 hours.

Cons of Crack the Girl Code

For those who think that the Crack the Girl Code reviews are all positive, think again. The results might vary and it does take some time before good efforts pay off. It is not actually a magic formula that will work in an instant. This is clearly not for those who dislike the process of waiting for results. It is not for impatient individuals who want to see instant changes. Secret Girl Code Review does mention that this product should not be viewed as the total solution to attracting girls.
Others say that this is a cheat code just like some of the products sold online and that it is not so different from the other programs sold before. It helps man take an almost unfair advantage of women because they know how to push the right buttons.
It is not a program for those who want to win their ex-lover back. One of the not so good features of this product is that all of the guides, audio files and other bonus items are all available online only. Simply put, the product cannot be bought just anywhere like in local stores.


Surprisingly most women do not really fall for bad guys contrary to what others say. This book validates the fact that women love the “good guys”. The authors have provided good guys the methods that they can use to attract girls without resorting into using sleazy tactics. In order to bring something good in a relationship one must be open to change from the inside and out. This program has undergone a rigorous testing phase in order to get the maximum results. It was not written and created without justifiable basis. It might seem like the product is a new player in the market. The truth is that as mentioned, it was first tested before it was package and sold online. As proof that it works, the author was invited to talk about her book in “The Rachel Ray Show”.
It is not every day that a guide comes out written by a woman’s point of view. Marni Kinry’s has let out the Secret Girl Code review revealing information straight from the horse’s mouth. Overall, the system that the authors teach actually teaches different approach from the standard seduction guide and magazines that advice men how to seduce women. This means this is not for every guy. This is only for the “good guys”.


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