Free EverStryke Match Review

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Free EverStryke Match Review-Emergency Kits for Urgent situation. Free Waterproof Match.

fatwood fire starterEverStryke Match might be the most expensive match that you can ever use but it is worth every penny that you have to pay for it. For starters, EverStryke matches are permanent matches and not run of the mill average kind of matches. This is a waterproof match, which means this is both practical and indestructible. For those who were able to use these EverStryke Matches they have all good things to say about it. For starters, how convenient can it get when you are using a waterproof match? This is why some people who are using this product dubbed it as survival life Everstryke Match.
The best thing about EverStryke is that these are indestructible source of fuel. It is said that these EverStryke match can be run over by a truck without being destroyed. Imagine bearing all of the heavy weight of the truck. If there were something that these matches are known for, it would be that these are almost super human if it were human. Since testing were made with EverStryke match free researchers have found out that even if these were drop to the bottom of the lake it would still work as if nothing happen. Best of all these are free EverStryke match with its waterproof match container. Think of this product as something that you have just heard of because that is how it works.

EverStryke Match Review

Most of the EverStryke Match reviews given to this waterproof match container are all positive. Technically, you get EverStryke Match free because you only need to pay for these products’ shipment charges. How cheap can it get? In exchange for the amount that you get to pay for shipment, which is generally, less than $3 you will benefit from all of the properties found on the EverStryke match. No wonder even EverStryke match reviews given by those who have availed of these offers are all in favor of using this free EverStryke match.
If there is a word that you often hear from those who have use this product, most EverStryke match review says that the technology that built this product has made it possible for it to light up even when subjected to even the most adverse circumstances there is. This scenario clearly describes wetter than wet conditions that can dampen an ordinary match. However, since EverStryke match is not your ordinary source of light, the light burns brightly.

What is EverStryke Match?

According to EverStryke match review even when EverStryke match was subjected to being knock off the case and was immerse in water it manage to strike off its fire steel rod. This only proves that EverStryke is considered as one of the best fire starter survival matches that you can ever find. EverStryke match review notes that this equipment lights even when dropped in water. Are you interested to have EverStryke match in your survival kit? You just need to place an order and pay for the shipment charges and you will have this keychain ferro rod free. You cannot get a better offer than this. It is definitely a good bargain.
EverStryke match review also offers affiliate promotions where affiliates get to earn by promoting this product on their site. With this method, you will have a chance to earn a little extra by promoting this product. You can even offer free ones just like those posted on the official website for EverStryke. With such a great offer you might just get thank for the offer because consumers who love freebies will definitely appreciate your effort in sharing a good product with them.

Waterproof Match

To show that EverStryke match is not the average match and is a handy replacement for waterproof matches you should take this during camps and similar occasions. EverStryke match review shows that this product is a wonderful addition to survival gear and is so easy to take anywhere. Not after all EverStryke occupies that match space. When it comes to emergency supplies this product should make a great addition to you must haves.
This product is produce and conceptualized by Survival Life a company based from Austin, Texas. This company is known for providing survival tips for people not just in America but around the world as well. Some of the commonly given tips from Survival Life is about food production, weapons, medical care, self-defense, evacuation planning and alternative energy. This company is known to promote practical ways of surviving not matter how adverse the circumstances are.

Free EverStryke Match

EverStryke is offered free in several sites. You get to pay the shipping charges while you get a sort of trial product along with it. By the time, that you get to pay in case the 15,000 strikes run out you would be glad that you have tried this product. Expect to start a fire even at any circumstances. These results are not just tall tales but comes from personal experience of those who are using this fire starter. This means this is indeed a reliable survival tool must have. A great companion during what any kind of trip.
Here are some practical fluid-filling guide. You need to unscrew the top of the striking rod so that you can fill this with fuel. You need to fill the container up with about one-fourth depth of the container. It is suggested by the makers to avoid overfilling the container. This is why in some cases the fluid runs down to the hands and you smell like being dose with fuel or have taken a bath in fuel. Hold the lighter using your dominant hand.everstryke pro
Take out the stick from the matchbox and tilt the lighter towards the matchstick. To remove the coating of the rod, you need to scratch the rod for five to 10 times. You can strike the rod as fast as you can to increase its longevity or life span. This way you can save it for later use. This means you will be able to strike fire for the prescribed 15,000 times mentioned in the product description. This is the right time to ignite the wick with spark. Make sure that the wick is a little longer with a huge amount of fluid soaked into it. The length of wick is about 2 inches according to experts to produce just the right amount of fire without going overboard with it.

Survival Life EverStryke Match

If you were any of the people that belong to this group, you would be happy with EverStryke. Survivalist, hikers, camper or average outdoorsy person. If in case you run out of fuel there is always the ferro rod that you can use to strike to keep the fire burning. There is even a challenge posted by EverStryke when they dare users to use this for 15,000 times. Some people are proving the longevity of using this product before it runs out that is. With the number of times that you get to use this product you already have your money’s worth even with less than this number of times as posted on their ads. Some even say that out of the ten kinds of different fire starter that they have they consider this one as being the best.
This product is something that you will love if you have no experience how to start a fire during camps and hiking trips. You just need a little amount of patience to keep the fire burning. There are cases though that you need to get a new wicker to make this product last longer. Each person uses this device differently hence, the need for a new wick will depend on how frequently you use the product. Be assured that with the technology use on this product you will still get the light that you need even if a truck runs over this matchless device.

Pros of EverStryke Match

Some of the EverStryke Match review given talks about how the earliest type of this lighter is like a match that needs to work. One of the finest qualities of this match is that it does not break easily and can withstand even weather disturbance. This is a great kit to take with you especially during camping trips. If you are thinking of something to give for special occasions that is both practical and at the same time useful this is it. EverStryke is sold cheap that you can even get two for the price of one and so on. This means if you buy four of these you will get double like for instance eight pieces. Imagine how many people you can give this.
They would definitely thank you for the thoughtful gift and gesture. Some users even say that since its handy and practical they are thinking of stocking up for personal use or to be use as gifts. The product includes a match with ferro rod and wick that can help you start fire at will. You can carry this product anywhere because of its small size. When the match heats up to 3000 degrees Farenheit you can expect to get it heated as much as 600 degrees Farenheit. This is how efficient this match is. Imagine what you can do with is as you go camping or hiking in the wilderness.

Cons of EverStryke Match

You can only wonder how Everstryke match can be given free. What does the company get out of it? Some of the Everstryke match review coming from users say that there is some catch to this offer and you have to find a way how to discover this. To be fair, every dealings made by EverStryke to the public are transparent. They even show a video on how this product works. The video includes what EverStryke match is and how it works. In the same video, the benefits of using a free product was also mention. If you are curious to know better check this out.
You need to know how to use EverStryke match the right way since this might burn your tiny fingers or in some cases make your finger smell like it was dose with lighter fluid. These safety precautions are reminders given by those who post their EverStryke match review for other consumers who are interested on ordering this product. To be fair these are minor inconveniences as compared to what you will get in exchange for using this awesome product.


EverStryke has been given the thumbs up for hatching such a great concept in terms of survival product that works even for everyday life. As with any other product even if it good EverStryke match review also shares some of the things that you must do to ensure your safety when using this product. Some of the suggestions coming from EverStryke users is to move your fingers slightly off the tiny handle to avoid burns. This is a practical suggestion knowing that this is still a piece of equipment that produces fire so fire safety should be kept in mind at least from getting your fingers burn.survival lighter
The flint and steel concept use for this device works great. EverStryke match review shares how this should be part of your emergency kit. You will never know when there is a need for light. Ever wonder what will happen just in case there is a sudden blackout like during storms or such weather disturbances? Do not wait until you are in the middle of the storm before you think about ordering this product. The shipment charges is fair enough to cover the expenses of shipping this product right at your door. You also get two for the price of one when the freebie offer stops and you order for the next one. Owning EverStryke is like having a tool that has existed for countless number of years only to be re-introduce in another form. The great news is because of the upgrade you will continue to enjoy the benefits of owning an EverStryke match.


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