Long Tail Pro V3 Review

long tail pro v3 review

Long Tail Pro V3 Review – Find Long Tail Keywords.

Do you own a blog or a website? Are you wishing to make money online through your blog? Then driving the user traffic to your website plays a key role in satisfying your needs. One of the best ways to drive more traffic is through proper keyword research. The content on your website with the attractive keywords will help you a lot in improving the popularity of your portal. Keywords or phrases could also be one in every of the only most significant tools used in the web promoting trade. Keywords done properly will almost unlock the door to a world of online customers sorting out your services. Optimizing your web site can let your online business to spot itself to go looking engines therefore gap the door to your customers. Here is a detailed Long Tail Pro review, which provides all the information about this keyword research tool.

What is Long Tail Pro V3 ?

Long Tail Pro is defined as a favorite keyword research tool that creates and ranks the relevant content with these suggested keywords. It is an SEO based powerful keyword research tool that helps you to discover certain keywords that can easily rank your website in popular search engines. By targeting these search phrases or the recommended long tail keywords, there will be a dramatic increase in the web traffic to your blog or website from Google and other such popular search engines. Spencer Haws created the Long Tail Pro Keyword research tool. Spencer is an internet marketer who has earned his livelihood through online. This tool was an output of his own need for a good keyword research tool, which would allow him to do proper analysis that he wished to do like finding the long tail keywords for all of his websites. The Long Tail keywords are essentially longer phrases that people usually use to receive search queries and specific things for search engines. These keywords are very much easier to rank and highly effective to find the targeted users. The keywords suggested by this long tail pro keyword research tool are usually those that the internet users browse through PPC advertising. These are generally used to find specific goods or services.

How proper keywords drive more traffic?

long tail seo

To promote your website and do marketing campaigns, it is possible through the keywords that you can rank and even in this competitive keyword market. When it comes to PPC marketing campaigns, the keyword research is very important and it can save you money by reducing your cost per click. It also points out those keywords that can convert well than what others do. Therefore, effective keywords analysis will pertain to your online market, you wish to grasp your customers, however they assume, and the way they will look for what you have to supply. Whereas you will be able to pull together some insight from other competitors, there are not any guarantees that they are doing their things right. Hence, the recommended best course of action for you is to urge to grasp your audience, and assume as they are doing. Initial keyword analysis is not an explicit science and it is for the most part of this analysis will be guess-work based on metrics with varied degrees of acuteness. For best results, you must join a third-party keyword analytics program that may show you which ones keywords send your guests who take a desired action on your website. Keyword analysis is often one in every of the foremost valuable tools in your online-marketing campaign. Once you’ve got known keywords that cause a positive end-result on your website, make the most, that and head back to your favorite keyword analysis tool to visualize if you’ll be able to realize more key phrases to focus on so you’ll be able to increase your conversions, or earnings, even more.

How to use Long Tail Pro V3 ?

The goal of this research tool is to seek keywords that have low competition so you will be able to hopefully rank in a higher place the search engine result pages quickly. The Long Tail Pro is a quick and provides a good place to begin and therefore the paid choices to help a lot of in-depth analysis. It is very easy to use this Long Tail Pro Keyword research tool and here is a quick tutorial on how to use it.
Initially, enter a seed keyword into the program.
Select the match type as exact and click on Generate Keywords to do further. Here, the default select option will remain exact and you need not select it all the time.
Then, the analysis of your seed keyword begins and you are supposed to wait for a couple of seconds to see the results.
Now, Sort the list by local search – from lowest search volume to highest value.
Look at the lower end of this search volume and value greater than 10 is always a good choice.
You will find a column named Avg KC, where you can find a numerical value by clicking on “calculate” button. From this, you will come to know the difficulty that you would face to rank your website on the first page of the search results. This value ranges from zero to 100, where zero is easy to rank and 100 is almost tough or impossible to rank.

How does Long Tail Pro keyword research tool work?

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If your intention is to drive more traffic to your blog or website and looking for a perfect tool that provides effective keywords, then Long Tail pro keyword research tool might be a perfect solution for all your SEO related needs. This tool is known to be powerful and capable enough to generate many unique buyer keywords based on various combinations of one or multiple keywords.  Keyword analysis is one of the foremost necessary aspects of blogging, because of, if you target the incorrect keyword, then your valuable time and energy will be of no use. That is definitely fine, if your primary intention is to merely drive traffic to your blog or web site. However, if you propose on creating cash together with your website then you would like to be selective in choosing your target keyword, as you don’t wish to be wasting one minute writing a post that’s not about to cause you to cash. The Long Tail Pro focuses mainly on buyer keywords and then other keywords later. Buyer keywords are those phrases that an internet user enters into a search engine with an intention to buy. It means, that they have already carried their research on that product, and at that situation, they are looking for a last piece of information to go ahead to make a buy. The Long Tail Pro Keyword research tool is more like a point and click kind of software. All you need to do is to enter your seed keywords and then the program collects all the related keywords from a tool called Google Keyword Planner. With this, you will definitely find some keyword gems that you have never thought of. This is thus terribly vital today because of targeting these long tail search phrases or keywords, the traffic to your blog or website are often accumulated at a faster rate with organic traffic from Google and other popular search engines. The good thing about this product, though, is that it is not simply all about keyword analysis. There also are lots many aspects of this product which will greatly facilitate web marketers.

Pros of Long Tail Pro V3

After going through many Long Tail Pro reviews, it has become one of the highly recommended keyword research tools. Simplicity: The tool is very simple to use with a user-friendly interface. However, it will not let its simplicity feature fool you, you have calculations and mathematical formulas running behind the scenes, all at intervals seconds to bring you the proper information you need at the button click. Speed: Compared to many other such tools, the functionality of this tool is quite fast. It ability to discover the undercover buyer keywords in a very less time is highly appreciated. Advanced search filters: Once the results are displayed, you can use the advanced search filters to make your search more accurate. You can also search for exact match options by choosing the match type option to “exact.” Ability to check the ranking: With this, you can check the ranking your website in the popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Dedicated Customer Support: For all your issues related to its usage, you can always contact the Long Tail Pro customer support. They will be happy to help you at any time and give their best support to satisfy your requirements. Avail a 10-day free trial: To test the product, you can ask for a 10-day free trial. Once you are fine with its features, you can do to actual purchase. The best part of this offer is you need not offer your card or account details to try the free version. The product also comes with a 60-day full money back warranty.

Cons of Long Tail Pro V3

As many other products, there are certain negative Long Tail Pro reviews, which are very few. It will take the Long Tail Pro slightly, because to drag up long lists of connected keywords or phrases. With each such tool, there are a lot of you raise of them the longer it will wish deliver. There are some tools that supply a happening payment for your life, therefore why would you wish to pay a monthly fee for LTP? Well, you’ll be able to get the essential version of LTP for absolutely free of cost, however you don’t get the employment of the domain convenience checker or the keyword competitiveness do, that is that the best feature of this Long Tail Pro tool. There is no alternative tool on the market that uses an same formula to supply super correct estimations of keyword issue. You can always give your reaction in the form of Long Tail pro reviews that will help many other users in knowing about this keyword research tool.

Can it be worth trying Long Tail Pro V3 ?

If you are looking for some more features, then you can avail them with the Long Tail pro platinum version. It comes with a KC feature with which you can check if there is a rank for it, paying no credits to if that particular keyword is a buyer keyword. So you’ve got seen the way to use Long Tail pro to simply set up whether a keyword is the price going once exploitation the Avg KC button within the platinum version of the tool, and you recognize that you simply ought to specialize in client keywords once acting keyword analysis. However, to urge the unfair advantage over your online competitors you wish to collect your own keywords from a distinct supply. If you have been created the choice to speculate during a product, then why not get the available advanced version? Additionally, the platinum version reports a mean keyword competition, price for every keyword that may be a handy tool to own. There are many other more features that make this product a worth buying for all your intentions towards driving more traffic to your website.


If you’re within the marketplace for a robust, straightforward to use and super effective keyword analysis tool that gives such a lot over simply keyword analysis, then Long Tail Pro keyword research tool is that the product for you. If spoken frankly, the bulk of keyword analysis tools on the market today is time overwhelming, poorly explained, and quite awkward for a real-time use. Long Tail professional offers the precise opposite to all or any of those things. After going through as many Long Tail Pro reviews as possible, take a wise decision to earn more money. Order your trial package today and enjoy earning extra cash by improving the performance of your website.


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